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so the prices of manga has been going up, is anyone willing to stick it out or will they go online?
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I view my manga online for several reasons. 
First, there is almost NO market for anime/manga in the area I live in, so I have been viewing online for 3 years now. 
Second, I was referred to online manga by several friends during my Senior Year at high school.
(Edit: Sorry about that Kelleth)
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@ShadowKnight508:  No actual mentions of the scanlations sites please its against the rules.
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I don't think the manga prices have been going at as far as I can see. Almost all are still 10.99, though there are a few titles that around 11.99 or 12.99. I personally buy a lot of manga used through my local book and music exchange. And Borders frequently sends out coupons for 20-30% off an item, so I use those to buy manga for less as well. I still read online, things that aren't licensed here or to read ahead in a series. Where have you been seeing the prices of manga go up? Again, far as I've seen prices have maintained the same (and have gone down since I was middle/high school when it was $20 a volume!).
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I'll admit, I prefer buying manga, but there are still a good number of legal portals, like viz's Sig Ikki site that host a good amount of manga online.
Essentially, crunchyroll, but for manga.
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I prefer buying online just because a physical book is nice to have, I would however buy manga online if the choice was there, just because it takes up less space and would probably be cheaper than a printed copy. Now what I think moffattbooks meant at the op was that certain companies charge 9.99 and some charge up to 11.99. But these companies are generally consistent in how they charge for their product. The only one that can be kind of ambiguous in their pricing is Bandai, but it's still in the same price range with just a dollar or so of deviation.
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*gets comfy in his old man rocking chair*
Back in my day Ranma trades were $25CDN+
Everything's super cheap now as far as I'm concerned! :)
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I only read it online  at this time as where i live you wont be able to get up to date chapters for a loooooong time. So the only way to keep up to date without waiting months is online, so their we go :p
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I read my manga online
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@Lan: at the borders near me the average price for manga is 14-15 dollars (it was originally 10) so yes, i have seen the rise in prices. but i only buy my main series so it doesn't really matter to me.
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@rein:  really? That's strange? Is it all manga or just certain series? The manga at mine are still running average around $10.
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Borders near me has three volumes of Rurouni Kenshin in one for $20 so I plan on picking those up when I get back home. So no I haven't seen a rise in price's to be perfectly hones.t 
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I'm not the biggest buyer of manga as I buy more anime than manga. But I have noticed the regular retail price for a single manga volume has gone up a buck to $11. Back when I was in college, they were only $10 a volume.
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Prices of manga going up?  Really?  I buy most of mine from Amazon, so it's mostly discounted already...  
But as for the age-old debate of books vs scanlations: I can read a book on the bus, in the bath or in bed... It'd be a bit tricky to lug my mac everywhere with me just to read some manga ;)
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one word; Kindle
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@Lan: a good deal of them. I think the main shonen series are still $11 or so, But the prices of everything else has been jacked up to 15.
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I'm not buying a single volume unless there is some kind of amazing deal or coupon 
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I stopped buying all of the series that I used to sell for $7.99 that jumped up to $9.99.  I still buy the ones that were originally $9.99 and have maintained that price point though.
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