One Piece 694

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Anyone read this chapter yet? What did you guys think?

As for me, this was a good chapter and the ending has got me so psyched for the next chapter.

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It almost gets a 5/5 for the sole fact that Don is on the move. Somebody is in trouble. The way he was going there seemed weird. Like an animalistic geppo. It was really good though, but I didn't expect Don to show up so early. Is he really going to be the one to close up this arc or will he merely make an appearance. Great chapter. One Piece had the best chapter of the big 3 in my opinion in this final week of 2012.
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Yep definitely agree with you there.

I think Doflamingo moves around like Spiderman but because he's so awesome he has no need for buildings. I think he's going to go there and be the one to show the Rookies just how far they still have to go before even coming close to One Piece.

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I mad at CC for stabbing on the lovely Monet's heart (do hope she live, I like her)

Anyway I did like the chapter and I was surprise how Doflamingo care for his crew, I get a feeling that he will be a dark version of Luffy.

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Doflamingo's a very interesting character, that's the one ting I like about Oda, all of his characters are interesting.

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