One Piece #673

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We learned a lot this chapter eh? It was more of a background episode but having said that the information we did learn was pretty interesting and helped improve the story.


  • Doflamingo is a confirmed badass
  • Learned a little bit more about Vergo
  • Was I the only one who loled when it turned out that was a burger bun on Vergo's face.


  • Just another setup chapter really, I imagine we got a few more of these before we really get anywhere.
  • Anyone else finding that slime to be a bit of a time waste?

Overall I give this chapter a B, purely because of the twist at the end which has pretty much set up a whole new arc in the future. Everyone knew Doflamingo was a badass but who knew he had ties this deep inside the military and was actually such a big villain.

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Doflamingo is an interesting one. To think that he has ties this deep. I think that the straw hats are indeed lucky that only now have they had their attention cast on him. He must be in cahoots with the Gorosei or at least somebody higher than the Marines.
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