One Piece 671

Topic started by ohgodwhy on June 13, 2012. Last post by ohgodwhy 2 years, 9 months ago.
Post by ohgodwhy (1,629 posts) See mini bio Level 12

Pretty good chapter all in all.

Lol at Luffy still dominating, he's defintely become a lot more powerful after the timeskip, which I for one, like a lot. He's proven himself to be a possible contender.

Any ideas on who the guy at the end was or is it a new character altogether.

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Probably that Donquixote Doflamingo....

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That would be awesome being that he is the only shichibukai Luffy hasn't encountered and that he is still shrouded in mystery.
Post by ohgodwhy (1,629 posts) See mini bio Level 12

I'd say it's unlikely though, his shoes looked different. I'm thinking it's more likely to be Aokiji or Dr Vegapunk or someone completely new.

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