Need recommendations for a big fan of Death Note and Evangelion

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Also, hi. This is my first post here. Giant Bomb member at heart but figure I should begin taking advantage of the whiskey multipass! 
Just finished Death Note manga series and read and loved Evangelion a while back. I need some more recommendations and this seems like a great place to ask for them.   
Any ideas would be appreciated.
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i have not read a massive amount of manga but if you loved deathnote and evangelion then i assume you would like the more mature complex stuff so i would recommend
Elfen Lied
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Eva is truly a masterpiece and DN is good to. 
If you really loved Eva, perhaps try Ideon or Zetta Gundam. 
In general maybe Black Lagoon would work to. 
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For some reason I always associated Death Note with D.Gray-Man and I do not know why. Maybe it's the gothic architecture, or maybe I'm just really stupid because that doesn't make any sense at all. I stopped reading it, but from what i did read it was fairly entertaining with a plot that kept me at least mildly interested. Namely there was one story arc closer to the beginning that got me hooked, but I digress. 
The big problem with it is that it uses the "find all the items" gimmick so that it can go on FOREVER. Apparently it ended though, so I guess it didn't draw it out. There are just a lot of volumes. Maybe you want that though. 
The Death Note writer is also did a new series called Bakuman. I haven't read it, though I would assume it has a similar tone.
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D.Gray-Man, while more shoneny, IS quite good.  I stopped keeping up with it when the mangaka got sick, and forgot to pick back up again when he started, so I lost interest. 
Very very short, but give Doubt (manga) a shot.  You can finish it in a day, but it's very well written. 
I always recommend Monster.  It's just one of my favourite manga series, it's very well written and psychological.  Not really action oriented, but still a very interesting deept hriller. 
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I just caught up with Mirai Nikki, and that was amazingly done.
The Gantz manga has all the psychology screwery as Eva, but all the gorn and nudity of Elfen Lied, plus a whole load of badassery.
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euerka seven and code geass were the best animes i ever saw(also coyboy bebop but that doesnt fit your liking), i highly recommend
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