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Now, before we get started, I would like to make it known that I really don't do Naruto reviews, but this is an exception.

The biggest piece of S*** has hit the fan! There is sooo much in this one chapter that makes this weeks Bleach seem like a filler.

Firstly, The Hokages have finally arrived!

Secondly, and pretty much most importantly, Minato. Who the hell would've thought that Minato could do this?

That's right folks! Minato has a Bijuu Mode!!!!!! This spells trouble for the battle forum. He is so fast, he deployed his special kunai in less than a blink of an eye!

Now for something just as awsome (or not). The Hokages perform a combo technique.

But it get's even better!!!! The technique is displayed on the next panel, but someone else also joins the fray! Enter Sasuke.

Awsome, I know! But it continues to get even better! Sasuke makes one great announcement. Now, I never thought one of my predictions would ever come true about anything, but this time I was spot on. Sasuke, a Hokage candidate!

Kishimoto sure knows how to make a great chapter. And now to finish it all off, Team 7 is completely back in action!

Alrighty then, lets get this discussion going peoples!

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Finally, after 1023488938303 years Sakura gets to do something. I was beginning to forget that she was even a main character. Even Shikamaru had a bigger part than her and he started out as a side character.

Also, it looks like sickvisionz's predictions are going to come true:

@sickVisionz said:

Sadly in super ultra cheese. Sasuke returns to Konoha to fricking protect it. He and Naruto will team up to take down the ultimate baddie. Would shock me if we see Madara and Hashirama end up in friendly conversation before to the sunset. All will be forgiven, Sasuke's crimes will be pardoned for his heroic acts, and the Third fades off see a reunited Team 7.

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@Acura_Max: In perfect accuracy no less. Overall, it was an awesome chapter

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Geez, phone typing really messed up that quote.

Technically, I think everything about this chapter is ultra cheesy, facepalmy shounen but fuck yeah man, Team 7 is back. I've read like 500 chapters and watched about as many episodes waiting for the reunion. Now, I was hoping of course the reunion would be Sasuke putting a Chidori through Naruto or Sakura rather than best buds forever, but this will do for the fanboy in me.

One thing though about this war that's crazy to me is how it keeps swinging so wildly. An army of invincible god level zombie ninjas seemed like overkill, but then it turned into the entire ninja world vs only two people (again, overkill), they somehow flipped that to be the overkill ones, and now it's like the 5 best ninjas ever facing off against two dudes. One of them who will lose in a really close fight (Madara imo against Hashirama) and the other who got his ass kicked in literal seconds the last time he battled this opponent (Obito vs 4th). I wonder if this is the final overkill or if some even greater threat is going to pop up to swing things into overkill for the bad guys again.

I also want to know, wtf was Obito going to do without Kabuto? He was seriously ready to go to war with nothing but the Zetsus backing him at one point.

Also glad to see that Sakura in all likelihood is about to go Sage Mode. She was like a beast mode medic and hand-to-hand fighter early early early in the time skip days but then they made her a total and complete joke in like every way since then. To the point where I honestly think the writer just forgot about it or maybe wrote those old chapters while high and refuses to acknowledge anything in them as canon.

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@sickVisionz: Your right about Sakura. I even forgot about her. But, this chapter is BS only for one reason. Minato has Bijuu Mode. That is gonna cause so many problems in the battle threads that it makes no sense.

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It was an awesome chapter, every page had me excited.

4th Hokage's awesome, I wonder how he'd stack up against the 1st and Madara because of his ungodly speed.

Team 7 thing at the end was corny as anything but still this was the best chapter we've had in a while by a longshot.

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@ohgodwhy: Absolutely!! I really like the Hashirama just blew off Madara. I believe Hashirama is gonna stomp Madara.

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@ChromeDisaster: This is one of the most epic chapters in the series.

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@evilvegeta74: Most definitely! Now im just waiting to see how epic the next one will be

Post by evilvegeta74 (32 posts) See mini bio Level 8

@ChromeDisaster said:

@evilvegeta74: Most definitely! Now im just waiting to see how epic the next one will be

Me too!

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