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First of all, did anyone else think Neji looked just like the Shodaime in the first few panels?

Overall I thought it was a bit of a boring chapter, although I have to admit when B did that Bijuu bomb reversal, it was pretty awesome.

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I thought SSJ Hinata looked cool. That is pretty much the only positive thing I have to say. It seems overly stupid and bordering on insulting to the reader that after all that has happened, we still have the same characters trying to talk each other out of fighting. Months ago it seemed like everyone had realized that nobody was going to be talked into quitting or laying it down yet here we are again with Obito trying to talk Naruto out of fighting. Made even worse by yet another power of friendship will conquer all monologue, this time by Hinata.

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I support the NaruHina thing. I wished they would kill Sakura already.

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Bee's actions were pretty cool. Highly powerful as he is, he's overshadowed by the 9 tails let alone 10 tails and still puts up a good fight. Hinata was cute in this chapter. She got over Neji quick though, lol. But at this point I want Madara to put Tobi in his place. I completely dislike his character since the mask came off. Kishimoto should just solidify Madara as the main villain and let Obito taper away.
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I think Hinata's waited so many years for an excuse to touch Naruto, the death of her own cousin was insignificant in comparison.

Now Sakura will have to go out with Rock Lee...

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Predictions: Naruto will turn Obito into a good guy through the power of friendship. Then Madara will take Obito's body somehow. Then they will fight over control of Obito's body and soul. Somewhere along the line, Naruto will tell Obito to fight Madara from the inside. Obito will eventually free himself from Madara's control, but will die in the process. Everyone mourns Obito's death.

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Last week, I was glad Tobi was manning up. But this week just put him back were he started from, I thought he said he don't care for anything (please don't pull a Pain at the end)

I do find it dumb that Naruto was breaking down on the battlefield after Neji's death, it just make him look weak next to Ino, Hinata and Shikamaru who just shake it off and focus on the war

Bijuu bomb was awesome, only thing I like of this chapter

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I'm interested in what role Sasuke will play in all of this, no doubt he'll be an important figure and with Orochimaru alongside him he could change the entire battle.

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