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In which I review various manga I've stumbled across in little snippets.

Yakuza Girl--It has nothing to do with Yakuza at all except for the name. However, if you thought that Ikkitousen (or "Battle Vixens" in the US) could be so much better if only there was more explicit sex and less coherent plot development, then this manga is perfect for you. Of course, this also means that the chances of this manga appearing on American bookstore shelves are slim to nil.

Black Cat--Kinda like the GetBackers, except the guy with the evil eye later has a magic briefcase, and whenever you hear Train's name you almost expect "Drops of Jupiter" to start playing in the background. Dragged on a little too much, and the cast got really convoluted near the end. Dances on the line of DBZ-syndrome without completely crossing it, but the mere fact that I stuck with it till the end (with several breaks, sure, but still...) as opposed to, say, Bleach means that there's probably something I enjoyed about it.

The World God Only Knows--A high school kid who prefers dating-sim-game girls to real ones ends up getting drafted by the cleaner, newer version of Hell to suck out evil spirits from girls in the real world by kissing them. How convenient that most of the girls he has to help in the real world are similar to the archetypes from his games. Still, I actually found it kind of amusing.

Seikon no Qwaser--It's like Fullmetal Alchemist, except the Alchemists are called "Qwasers", they are only able to manipulate one element (with a few exceptions), and they get their powers from sucking someone's breasts instead of drawing a circle on the ground. There's also some plot involving the Russian Orthodox church, but if the last sentence caught your eye, chances are good that the plot doesn't matter.

Hayate the Combat Butler--Pokes fun at various shonen manga, but at the same time, the massive amount of in-jokes can get kind of confusing. There also seems to be a small pattern where Hayate meets a new girl, they start crushing on him, and he ends up too focused on his job to notice, then this cycle repeats with a different girl. Other than that, I found it somewhat entertaining.

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