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Ashlee is the daughter of the fashion model Ashlee Bird who had her when she was 18 years old.. Her Aunt Bunny has never been named or seen it is implied she died sometime or her parents divorced. Ashlee's grew up living with her father, and brother. Ashlee started to dislike her father mostly for being shallow and immature,and constantly remaining wrapped in modeling work during Ashlee's childhood and always being constantly away for photo shoots leaving her brother to raise and take care of Ashlee. When she was 10 (12 in the American dub) Ashlee started to play the Digimon card game and began entering card tournaments to test her skills. Ashlee was a skilled player being able to beat anybody until she found her self a rival named Ryo Akiyama. Ryo beat her at the next card tournament to him which made her furious and started to hate Ryo. She still continued to play the game hoping to beat Ryo one day, until she heard he mysterious disappeared. With him gone she became the reigning champion and gained the title Digimon Queen. Her mother was happy to see she had a hobby but wished she would figure out what to do with her life. 
Post by ashleyird123456 (1 posts) See mini bio Level 3
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