Mary-Sue-chan, or "Why Medaka Box has failed."

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Need to rant about something insignificant, might as well do it here...
Okay, it sounded interesting at first: a Haruhi-ish character who was using her powers for good instead of self-interest, slowly gathering up her awesome own student council that would work for the greater good of the school. Okay, fine, I can stomach overly-powerful student councils if only for parody reasons. The problems arise when too much of the focus is on Medaka herself instead of the much more interesting supporting cast. It started out with descriptions of how smart, talented, and strong Medaka was. The problems started arising when Medaka actually became God in all but name. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, and at one point she actually balances her entire body on a single waterwing floating in the pool just so she could make a point.
But no chapter illustrates the Mary-Sue-ness of Medaka more than chapter 17 of Medaka Box. To sum it up, her main rival in the school's Discipline Committee or whatever cackled that his subordinates were going to strike down each of her council members/friends when they didn't see it coming. One of them carried a bicycle (yes, a whole bicycle) as a weapon, the second had Wolverine-like claws, and the third had a hidden chain. This could have been a point where all the "good guys" showed off their skills while Medaka proclaimed her confidence, and it would have been enough material to last at least three chapters. But instead, Medaka simply runs so fast that she leaves an afterimage and saves them all with her sheer awesomeness before the chapter ends, while the other students watch and go, "Yeah, that's our Medaka."
Basically, take what you know about The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and think about it for a second. Now imagine if the majority of the story was told from Haruhi's point of view instead of Kyon and the supporting cast. It would not be as good. Why? Because she's (allegedly) GOD. She can do ANYTHING. Everytime she saved the world before the end of the chapter, you would just shrug your shoulders and go "Yeah, so what else is new?" just like the bystanders in Chapter 17 of Medaka Box. I guess my point is if you're going to give a character near godlike power, either focus on his/her supporting cast (because that's where the real drama is) or you better be real damn creative with how you tell the story. Otherwise, it gets boring and predictable to the point where it may be dropped altogether.
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Interesting, he man do you know where i can read it?
maybe a link if that s okay with you
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Well, if you're curious, you can look for it in the usual places or google it. Sorry, but I don't think I can directly link to anything of questionable legality.
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go to one-manga is, an okay series, funny and something, you shouldn't expect haruhi from there, it's different, way different
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@DocHaus  Sounds like the why superman is boring argument... because he is omnipotent.  Sounds like someone needs some kryptonite.
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I'd agree with you that mary sueish characters can be a problem when they fill the criteria of being Mary-suish. In Medaka's case I'd say she fits being a Mary sue to a T -- but ONLY on the surface. A Mary suish character you doesn't just ahve to have all the traits of a Mary suish character, their role as a character need to be played "serious" as if they are anything but a MAry Sue. In Medaka's case she IS perfect, she is always right even when she is wrong and she pull sof super human feats. But all of this is done in an extra spectacular way that makes it impossible for you to take her serious. Her super powers and reasoning is not meant to be taken serious.
Medaka's Box is focusing on Medaka and her world in a "box". NON of the other characters are relavant -- (and except for Suisie they are all pretty boring), Medaka's box is all about Medaka giving us fanservice while making fun of the whole Mary Sue Concept. That said I am sad there is very little hentai to be found done for the manga :(
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I find that I have a special bond with the Medaka Box series. When I went to Japan in January, the first issue of Weekly Shonen Jump that I picked up had the pilot of the series in it. As such, I can't bring myself to say anything bad about it.
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The Law of Bruce:
 Any story where you have good guys versus bad guys can only be as smart as the intelligence of your baddest guy.
And from the Last Avengers Story:
 "That's the problem with heroes, really. Their only purpose in life is to thwart others. They make no plans, develop no strategies. They react instead of act. Without villains, heroes would stagnate. Without heroes, villains would be running the world. Heroes have morals. Villains have work ethic."
 Your problem with Medaka Box is because you stopped in the middle of the genre shift from comedy to shounen. Around chapter 20-something, the story becomes a decent action packed series until chapter 55, where The Law Of Bruce comes into play, introducing a villain that not even Medaka can handle. He's strong, sure, but Medaka can beat him to a bloody pulp without over-exerting herself. 
However, if you have seen the scene in The Dark Knight, where Batman interrogates the Joker, you'll understand that physical strength and combat aren't what makes villains interesting. Medaka Box has the best, most evil, manipulative, psychotic and above all, brilliant villain I have ever seen in any media. Therefore, according to Bruce Willis, Medaka Box ranks alongside Monster, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Dark Knight and whatever example you'll use to say I'm wrong.
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@SamJaz: it's like this, you don't need any fancy explanation
"You cannot say something fail unless you finished it or have more future sight than everyone else"
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@cfatalis: Lol, yeah.
Granted, you can say that you've lost interest in it, or that it broke your Willing Suspension of Disbelief, but calling it a failure?
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@SamJaz: it's a matter of subjective if you are saying that
"I lost my Interest", "I lost my disbelief"
it's matter of obective when you actually say that something "fail"
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Wait...what? I wrote this thing last year, didn't realize people were still commenting on it.
My opinion on the manga has changed somewhat since I wrote this.
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