Manga like Berserk?

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Are there any manga out there like Berserk? I've started reading Bastard!! and I'm thinking about giving Black Lagoon a go. And no, I consider shows like Deadman Wonderland and Elfen Lied to be nothing like Berserk, just because they are violent (not as violent as Berserk though, kind of disapointed because Deadman Wonderland wasn't violent enough, and Elfen Lied is far from the most violent, contrary to the popular belief). Yet mere violence isn't what makes Berserk so incaptovating; Genocyber has worse violence than Berserk, yet though being better than Deadman Wonderland and Elfen Lied it doesn't stand up to Berserk in other aspects. I guess the dark fantasy world I find encaptivating, as well as the plot. If I were to say what I thought Berserk's Western equivilent is, I'd say Preacher by Garth Ennis.

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@KingOfAsh: Give Shigurui Death Frenzy a try, you might like it.

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Vinland Saga - I liken it as the Viking version of Berserk. It carries the same level of violence and gore as well as artwork quality as Berserk. However, like you said, what makes Berserk godly is its intricate plot, and that's why I'm putting Vinland Saga in the table.

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The closest thing I can relate to Berserk is Claymore. It's a Dark Shounen that really ought to be a Seinen. It takes place in a similar medieval time period, with monsters called Yoma that are monsters that feed off of human guts. There's heavy violence and gore and occasional nudity, just like Berserk. The main character Clair even wields a giant long sword like Guts. The makn character also has a sort of "curse" like Guts that needs to be kept in check otherwise Clair loses control and can expect to be killed, and she is seeking revenge against a certain character much like Guts to Griffith. There's a great deal of obvious inspiration taken from Berserk in Claymore. It's nearing it's end but is still a monthly ongoing series, with as of now, about 142 monthly chapters out already. I reccommend it to anyone that likes those darker themed manga. The only major difference between Claymore and Berserk is the huge female warrior Pressence including the main character, vs Berserk which has them but like most battle series is predominantly composed of males. But don't worry, there's not an ounce of Girlyness to Clair's attitude and there are male warriors in the series.
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Ew. Claymore. Try out Vinland Saga. The art is visually stunning, and the story is fascinating.
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I usually associate Berserk with mangas like, Vinland Saga, which has already been mentioned, and Vagabond. While Vagabond lacks the overall setting and tone of Berserk, it diffidently contain the theme and form of character development.

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