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 I recently bought the big 3 volumes in one Air Gear manga that Del Ray released (Volumes 15 , 16, and 17 in one big book) and I was disappointed by it. I was not disappointed by the story since I love the direction Oh Great is taking Air Gear right now, but disappointed with the fact that it was released as a 3 in one. I find those 3 in ones are great for people who want to get caught up quickly in a long running series but this is a brand new book. I would have preferred them to release them as three separate volumes, mainly because it would look better on my shelf, but also just for reading purposes (A manga that almost has 600 pages is bigger than you would think).

This might be just me since I am actually thinking of re-buying Yotsuba&! 1 - 5 just so I can have all the spines match up since Yen Press took it over.

 I wish I had crazy awesome  roller-blades.
 I wish I had crazy awesome  roller-blades.

Do any of your guys/girls have this preference too? Do you care/not care about how your manga collections look on a shelf?


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I do care how my manga collection looks on my bookshelf. I put them together as best as I can with the limited space that I have so that they are easy to access and can be seen by all.  The picture below is my humble manga collection (minus two issues of Shonen Jump...this is a older picture).

Humble manga collection
Humble manga collection

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i like to have it in order, but i don't mind the 3 in 1s I just would ether want to have the series all in one type.
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I like quality prints on good paper. And if it's something akin to the Viz Bigs they're the highest priority. The One Piece three in ones don't meet the main requirement, so I'm sticking with the pricier route.
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I don't really care how it looks on the shelf.  The content that's actually inside the cover matter way more than the cover or spine of it imo.  If it was cheaper to buy them as one huge book rather than a bunch of separate volumes, I'd take that route 100% of the time. 
Although, I don't usually buy manga to read it.  There's only like 12 books that I own that I purchased with the intent to read in book form.  All of the others I'd read years ago and bought them just to show support for a series I love or I purchased them (FMA and NANA) because there wasn't an anime set out yet but I felt like someone should get money from me somehow since I liked them so much. 

 I think a Viz hater just shed a tear
 I think a Viz hater just shed a tear
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I have a closet shelf that's overflowing with manga volumes and shonen jump magazines XD 
lol, i really need to get a bigger shelf XD
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I gave a whole lot away to make room in my closet and the rest is in my attic. So i don't have that much any more. But i will try to post a little of my collection later today ^^  
These are all the books i have at hand ^^
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Not a big manga collector as I'm more saavy on anime than manga. With my time further being devoted to finding work and anything else in real life, I've curbed nearly all devotion I've had focused on manga to anime as not too long ago, I sold nearly my entire collection of manga on E-Bay and have only two sets of four-volume titles from Read or Die left over. When I was still collecting, I did have all of Fruits Basket, most of Kare Kano and individual volumes of Azumanga Daioh and Ouran Host Club. If I do decide to sell stuff on E-Bay again, I'm very likely gonna try selling off the Read or Die manga again.
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I recently ran into this with School Rumble 14/15/16 being sold as one book. Preferably, I would like individual volumes so that my collection is consistent, but at least the School Rumble maintained the visual look, so it wasn't so bad.



This might be just me since I am actually thinking of re-buying Yotsuba&! 1 - 5 just so I can have all the spines match up since Yen Press took it over.

I'm the same way with my collection. My OCD also curses when logos/thematic changes happen at a publisher for long standing series, such as Excel Saga where the Viz logo design changed.
And since we're posting pictures of our collections :)

Manga [2010-11-09]
Manga [2010-11-09]
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Honestly I’m trying to move away from paper manga. Years ago I loved having the actual book in my hands and on my shelf… until I started moving from place to place. In the last year I had to move about 4 times and my manga takes up a large box and a lot of space, it was cool when I lived in a house or even a apartment but now I have to stack them in a corner until I can figure out what to do with them T_T. I was looking into getting a Kindle but all they have is yaoi and hentai. Also I don’t like how a lot of manga now-a-days is in different sizes ie: Dog: bullets and carnage is larger than Mega Tokyo and omni-bust save me money but look weird.       

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