Manga adaptations of comics

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So yeah, comic fans who like some manga and anime might be aware of Marvel's policy of having manga versions of their popular comics series created for...I honestly don't know why. These adaptations tend to be quite strange(they made an X-Men manga that's basically a high school haremish series IIRC (O.O) ).

Anywhoo, what's your opinion on these...things? Are they good, bad, maybe a little too redundant for their own good?

Also does DC make Manga versions of their comics?

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For the record I found the ones I read were kind of crap.

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I liked parts of the Marvel Mangaverse.

How about JLA Shogun of Steel and/or Green Lantern: Dragon Lord?
DC Direct has a line of anime/manga based statues called Ame-Comi
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The Star Wars manga was pretty good. Nothing you haven't seen before, but I enjoyed it as seeing something familiar from a different perspective. I only read the original trilogy but I guess the prequels are out now, too.

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I thought the anime adaption of Batman was horrible, they had Bats dress up in an owl costume in the Gotham Night Movie.
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