ive never read any manga

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but i watched a few animes and i loved them! lucky star is so epic! and i love gurren lagann and love hina, and i wanna try out reading manga and i thought i would buy the lucky star manga once its released at chapters and i thought maybe i would try death note too.. any thoughts?
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In my experience the manga's are normally better then most of the TV series. Some stick to the Manga plot line with rubbish filler episode that take you away from the main plot so they can catch up with whats going on with the manga.  I mean look at Dragon Ball I hate the TV series it takes about six episodes to get into the action and then they power up for two episodes, but the manga is epic fast , blood, explosions and swearing xD its just lost in translation to the anime and don't even get me started on some of the anime movies 0_o.So manga is good and so is anime:D.

also welcome to Vice.
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I agree with Sparrow, also its easier to catch up on the story when reading the manga.
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Yeah, in manga, you know there can't possibly be anything completely unrelated LOL

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But not all the time manga is better, i mean look at Evangelion. Certain things about the manga are completely different from Anno's vision and the manga doesn't have an ending per se.
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Yep, usually the manga is superior to the TV series. There many reason for that. Usually it come down to how much content they can used to animated for a 12 to 24 episode series. How true they stay to the original story. A great example it is Tenjho Tenge, as good the anime was, it will never compare to the manga. Most of the stuff that in the manga, just can not be broadcast.

Then there the cast of the super long primetime show, I.E. Dragon Ball, Naruto and Bleach. if I remember right Naruto air around 7pm in japan, were most anime that we see air around 1 to 2 am in the morning. so most of the gore and blood is taking out. Also the manga is still being publish as the TV series is broadcast, that were all the filler come from. Basically they can not air material is not in the manga, it that simple. So you get the super long fight in Dragon Ball, the 3 months + of filler in the case of Naruto.

If I remember right Eva started has a TV series then they made the manga.

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You've never read manga?!?!?!
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