Is Naruto strong enough to beat Sasuke???

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From the beginning of the series everyone's favorite orange wearing, yellow haired, sometimes annoying ninja has gone though many upgrades to his powers. He use to be just an annoying brat who could use a crap load of shadow clones and occasionally call upon the nine tails fox charka, then he developed Rasengan adding to his somewhat small tool shed. Since then he has gone though many different stages including sage mode and now the current Nine tails fox charka mode, his signature attack Rasengan has goon though so many stages it not even funny and it seems now it has a hundred variations and he comes up with new ones every day. Naruto has certainly grown in a powerful young man and is single handedly overturning a war and fighting the resurrected forms of Kages. My question to you is do you think Naruto is now strong enough to take on Sasuke and beat him the tricky part is Naruto isn't the only one who grown Sasuke has become a power has since first developing his Sharingan and learning Chidori from Kakashi. Now he has things like Susanoo, Amaterasu, several Chidori based attacks, oh and did I mention the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. So is Naruto ready to face his former friend or is Sasuke still better than him? Do you think that Naruto will get stronger and gain a stronger form to fight him and if so what do you think it will be?

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Well I guess its a little hard to judge seeing that we've definitely seen how Naruto has grown stronger, but we havent really had an update on Sasuke's strength. The main focus for the most recent Naruto chapters have been on Naruto and the shinobi war, with a little mention of Sasuke, except that he managed to get the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

I think Kishi has a lot up his sleeves when it comes to both Sasuke and Naruto's inevitable showdown, and knowing him, he'll probably come up with new attacks for both rivals just to spice things up.

(I personally think Naruto would win against Sasuke, or at least die in the process; but Sasuke would be defeated in the end. Seeing how "revenge is not an answer" and "dont fall victim to darkness and hatred" is a recurring theme in the manga/anime, Kishi wouldnt make Sasuke win, it would go against everything the story preaches for)

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I know that Naruto will beat him because the manga is called Naruto and I don't know of any kid comic book that ends with the main hero losing the final battle.

For skills and feats, I'm not so sure if Naruto is stronger. Spirit Monk mode was the first time since the original series that I thought Naruto could actually stand up against Sasuke and be a challenge to him, but Sasuke has powered up since then and gained the EMS. We haven't seen him do anything with it yet so who knows what his power level is.

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I don't think so. Logically going by abilities and skill, Sasuke seems to be superior especially due to the diversity of his jutsu and his hax EMS. Naruto though he can now use the Kyuubi's chakra, hasn't shown much other than speed and new variations of a Rasengan.


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I thought Sasuke with EMS would be too much for Naruto, but Narutos clones are capable of taking down Kage level opposition. In all honesty Madara has been getting all the glory in recent chapters, but I think if the real Naruto was there in his full nine tailed chakra form he would slaughter Madara. But knowing the manga Naruto will more than likely end up losing for no reason.

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Well this is putting the plot aside obviously in the end Naruto will beat Sasuke; personally I don't think he will die in the process I started out like everybody else hating this little brat but recently I started to enjoy him more and more and I believe that Naruto will be the "Orange Hokage" son of the "Yellow Flash" and "Bloody Haberno". My prediction is that Naruto will find a combination between Sage mode and Nine Tails Charka mode and develop a technique that combines not only his wind nature and Rasengan but also a tail beast ball. Also I want him to use his father Space-Time Justu because I found it odd that being his son Naruto hasn't really shown any of that.

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Logically speaking: No. Sasuke has consistantly proven to be leagues above Naruto for as long as I remember and he whole Rinnegan being an evolutionary process of Sharingan and probably superior to Pein's due to it's sharingan abilities.

Shounen Manga Speaking: The hero doesn't lose the final battle. But then seeing the performance of the clones throughout the battlefield Naruto might actually have an ace up his sleeves.

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Madara is annoying now...
I get that sharingan was derived from byakugan, & the rinnegan is evolved from the sharingan but why the hell did he have to get wood jutsu as well
why couldnt the power he stole from shodia hokage just make him have that extra power boost to get rinnegan
I can see that uchiha brat getting the rinnegan that will piss me off soooooo much, if naruto is descended from the sage 2 i want him 2 have super spiritual power able to control all the elements or something 
because the only link that he is a descendant of the sage is that naruto has great chakra even without the kyuubi (borrrinnngggg) 
& 2 answer your question that battle will blow all the others away i think it will be a draw or if they do die together they will be brought back somehow because naruto has to be hokage :D
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You need Senju cells though to get the Rinnegan so I don't know how Sasuke would be able to get it. And even with EMS Naruto should be way too fast for Sasuke, but we all know what's going happen.

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In terms of sheer power, Naruto has more than enough to take down Sasuke.

As far as I'm concerned:

Sage Naruto > Mangekyou Sasuke (or sage naruto is equal to Sasuke)

Kyuubi mode Naruto > EMS Sasuke

EMS simply hasn't impressed me to the point that I would say Sasuke could beat current Naruto, at least going on the basis of EMS Madara > EMS Sasuke. In his current form, Naruto single-handedly changed the course of the entire war, beating kage-level opponents with clones (the sort of people giving Sasuke a very hard time at the kage summit). Tbh, I really don't see Sasuke becoming stronger than Naruto again until/if he acquires the rinnegan.

The real challenge will be the emotional struggle involved; if the Naruto/Sasuke fight is to be the final battle, whilst it will obviously be close, the hardest part for Naruto will be forcing himself to take Sasuke down, not trying to compete with his level of power. If they do have a fight to the death and the manga ends with the fourth war, the following will likely be the case IMO:

Test of power: Tobi

Test of will/emotion: Sasuke

If the manga isn't ending anytime soon and the two of them fight, it will probably be a really epic fight but with no evident victor (or with Naruto not being able to bring himself to do it, etc). And you never know, after losing to Naruto Sasuke may yet realize the error of his ways and go back to team Konoha...anything's still possible at this stage...

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