Is Bleach Just Getting Lamer?

Topic started by sceonn on Oct. 27, 2011. Last post by MohsinMan99 2 years, 11 months ago.
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Also it really doesnt help that the main character ichigo only has 1 MOVE. Please for the love of god Kubo give ichigo some new moves!!!

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Well, At least it seems 473 a bit better, though it left some loose ends.....

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(-_-)" Yeah... it is getting lame, no offence for those that like this arc. I liked how the first few arcs went but by the time it reached the HM arc it kinda started to go bleh, for me. I'm still following the series but I don't have that "I can't wait for the next one" feeling, with the exception of Byakuya's fight.
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I've always looked at them this way:

Naruto: Interesting

One Piece: Fun

Bleach: Cool

When the manga loses it's initial appeal which drew most of it's fans to it for whatever reason, you get Bleach. Bleach was just no longer COOL, Kubo wanted to try something different and it failed. Now, after reading the last few chapters I think he's finally trying to make an effort to bring back that lost appeal to us.

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Bleach went downhill after the SS Arc. I think Kubo never put enough thought into the story after the SS arc and simply resorted to making things up as required. His story didn't 'flow' well after the SS arc and the Karakura arc was one of the worst ones I read IMO.

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Full bringer arc was just plain boring... None of the new characters interested me since Kubo never got in depth with their backgrounds. The Espada were far more interesting and so was Aizen.. I didn't really see any point in this arc, what was Ichigo suppose to learn?
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@Asune said:

Am I the only one who likes this arc?.

I like the Arc but I don't like Ginjo he is really boring Tsuki is a better bad guy.
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I have always had issues with Bleach. It always felt kind of forced compared to Zombie Powder(the only other thing by Kubo I've read). From what I can tell the story doesn't really have much of a place to go.

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Kubo is making up the story as he goes along with his life. :)

Expect to see the unexpected. :D

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