How close are Bleach,Naruto and One Piece to ending?

Topic started by Rexic on Sept. 11, 2010. Last post by adoggz 4 years, 6 months ago.
Post by Rexic (99 posts) See mini bio Level 19
Its like the title says.While I dont want any of these to end soon,it seems like theyre nearing their end.what do you think?
Post by obscurefan (216 posts) See mini bio Level 20
With Bleach it could either end after Aizen, giving us maybe three issues or so of wrapping it up, or they could do one more giant arc with a new villain, probably a storyline involving Ichigo finally having to go "where do I belong, with the humans, the shinigami, or the vizards."
With Naruto we got at least 150 chapters left, I'd say three more years. I know it seems really close to ending but that series is a master of adding on additional stuff yet adding it in a fairly natural way that makes you go "Huh, I guess that makes sense to be there."
One Piece isn't even close, heck I'd be willing to say that bad boy could reach 1000 issues because no series really does a time skip when they're close to ending and they still have a brand new part of the world to explore. Granted it is the final part of the world to explore, but that first part took 600 issues, so it still has a good length to go.
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Bleach looks like it is nearing its end although Naruto looks like it still has a few years. But One Piece is not close to ending at all. It feels like it could go on forever. 
Post by MisterShin (2,130 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Bleach seems like it would be the first of the lot to finish, the could surprise and got to the kings palace/throne or whatever Aizen wanted to do with his magic key.
Naruto has a while left, Madara moon eye plan & sasuke revenge, the NINJA WAR III. Finally Naruto would become hokage or opt out of becoming hokage for some reason etc.
One Piece has many years left, New World, need another crewmate, possibly meet Dragon on his journey, so much left for the story.
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If naruto doesn't die and become Hokage posthumous i will be rather disappointed/pissed.
Post by adoggz (210 posts) See mini bio Level 11
as the others have said Bleach seems to be the closest to natural ending point, but they can go on for as long as the writers feel like it. So I guess we really don't know.
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