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Topic started by gia on May 3, 2009. Last post by martianx 5 years, 11 months ago.
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Name manga titles (as many as you want) that you think deserved an Eisner nomination but didn't get it, and why.
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I've gone on this rant many times before, but I really think that the manga of Ouran High School Host Club deserves more recognition for reasons other than its humor and bishounen fanservice. At its core, the series really illustrates a bunch of kids basically growing up and figuring out who the heck they are-- and I think THAT is what ends up attracting so many people, even if they don't realize it. Bisco Hatori has done an amazing job ensuring that the serious moments of her manga are virtually all believable and relatable.

Black Lagoon is just amazing, and not just for its action and babes...it's actually got a real heart beating in its characters.

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service has got to have one of the most creative yet approachable concepts out there-- and it's usually hilarious to boot.

And of course, Fujoshi Rumi...because the plights of yaoi fangirls tends to go so unrecognized. Yes, I know some yaoi fans are incredibly obnoxious, but not all of 'em!
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Ouran High School Host Club: It's one of the only shoujo manga I've enjoyed so far and one of the only ones (actually the only one) I still follow ( because all shoujo manga becomes boring at a point due to the angst drama and overkill romance) Unlike other series aimed at the same demographic, the romance doesn't begin straight away and so obviously either; the characters go through so much change and growth that the romantic aspects kinda of become more natural than obvious. Even though I'm a girl, I am not a person who enjoys alot of shoujo manga simply becuase to me, they all (well most) develop the romantic situation so .. fast it becomes rather forced, no matter how cute the couple looks together and the heroin is always so typical it really kinda pisses me off. As a result I never actually finish one series of shoujo to its fullest with the exception being Ouran, whose premise I enjoyed alot. The characters are all different in their own way. Bisco Hatori created their development and their background in a way that reflects how they have grown and we are able to actually kinda believe why they are the way they are. It is a whole lot more different than what you would expect from a shoujo manga; it retains it shoujo elements, but in its own way, its also a lot more than just a manga depicting the lives of 6 rich pretty boys and 1 girl. It is a manga that is utterly and amazingly different; real and raw with personality. And It definitely deserves so much more attention then the crappily written vampire related best sellers out there that are simply over rated and are given TOO much attention to becuase of one freaking character (otherwise it would and should be totally overlooked)
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