Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Please Help!

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ok, first i have a lot to say so i hope i dont ramble. first of all if you are keeping up with the series, you know that mius ki is flowing out uncontrollably and in one of the latest chapters hayato says something on the lines of we will train her or unlock her dou ki. first question, has kenichi unlocked his ki yet? i looked it up on google and the only thing that it says is that he has sei ki but he isnt any where near as powerful ki as miu and he isnt showing and gains like she is. is this because he is horrible or because he needs more time to advance. i guess what i am trying to say is eventually will kenichi at some point undergo ki training to learn ki techniques i guess im not sure how you train your ki in this series but if anyone could explain any of this to me it would be greatly appreciated and thanks for your time

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Miu is gifted as she is the daughter of Saiga and the grand daughter of Hayato. She's been training for far longer than Kenichi in controlling her ki, plus dou ki is quite difficult to control. Kenichi is only a pupil at this stage so he can't bring his ki out the same way the masters do.

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@sasuke0447: The whole point of the series is that Kenichi is pathetic at martial arts, he gets worked half to death twice every day in training, so he becomes incredible through hard work. Kenichi sucks, but makes up for it in hard work and is a total awesome for it.
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I get what you are trying to say, but i think this releasing of ki is unique to dou user. I think this because kensei says Atlantae's ki release was much more troublesome then when odin had to release his, and we can expect that odin didn't releae his while on a wheelchair, so i think he had already released his as at the ragnarok arc, so this kind of dou release is regular with the explanation given for dou users, we see apachi or sakaki when they want to fight release blast of ki, and remember what hermits master told him ba sougetsu, that if he didn't beat that dou street fighter he was fighting on time, that because of his dou ki his power would continue to increase, so i think the workings of the dou ki is, explodes out to make users more powerful, faster, stronger and all, but once released you have to continue training as always to improve. Kenichi being sei already underwent his own. It wasn't just choosing his style that he did, but learning how to use it, the sei's condense their ki inwards and use the calm to get stronger. all in all, one theory could be that miu because of having the invincible superman as a Gdaddy and Yami supremo as daddy has had a monstrous ki but hasn't been allowed to release it completely, so she's been fighting without being completely able to release her full power, while kenichi already did his. A second theory could be after choosing your style, you train to an extent and then are able to release your innate ki, this would mean kenichi hasn't released his yet, as he has yet to get to the level, but this theory isn't consistent with odin already releasing his ki of dou, seeing as he was at kenichi's level or just slightly higher and most definitely wasn't at miu's level. thats why i think the first theory is more likely. Hope i answered ur question appropriatly
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