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Battle 494. Submission Man
Battle 494. Submission Man


Takeda's Double Consecutive 3 Part Blow.
Takeda's Double Consecutive 3 Part Blow.

The battle against the blind submission man, Lugh, continues in this chapter. Kenichi and Miu are worried about Sieg and Thor, fortunately it seems they're fine. Niijima tells everybody to attack at once, however Lugh notes that none of the members of the Shinpaku Alliance wish for anything other than a one on one fight. Kenichi wants to be Lugh's next opponent, but Takeda stops him and says that it's his turn.

Takeda and Lugh start fighting, but then something strange happens, Lugh starts talking about Takeda's left arm and notes that there was a time when it couldn't move, Kenichi and Niijima are surprised about how Lugh discovered that information just from the movements of the body. Takeda uses one of his special attacks, the "Double Consecutive 3 Part Blow", Lugh dodges it with this "Sliding Feet" technique, but Takeda manages to hit him.

Ogata Style, Sliding Feet.
Ogata Style, Sliding Feet.

Takeda continues attacking and uses his "Illusionary Left", Lugh dodges it but fails to grab Takeda's wrist. The Yomi member then, uses psychological warfare and keeps talking about Takeda's left arm, this affects Takeda's movements, so Lugh takes advantage of the situation and manages to put his arms around Takeda's neck. Lugh is about to finish Takeda, but the boxer punches him from behind with his "Bolo Rabbit Punch".

After that, Lugh stands up like nothing happened, meanwhile Takeda realizes that his right arm is dislocated, but he puts it back in. Lugh asks Takeda if he is going to escape, the boxer answers that he will sink him with his fists.

The Good

Takeda punching Lugh from behind.
Takeda punching Lugh from behind.

+ Takeda and Lugh showing their techniques.

+ Lugh knowing about Takeda's past just by analyzing his movements.

+ Lugh's disturbing eyes.

+ Takeda's attitude.

The Bad

- The cover, the girl in the right is ok, but I don't like Izumi.

My Quick Thoughts

Not much happened in this chapter, but it was interesting. I'm starting to like Lugh's character, his appearance, his blindness and his ability to sense things that others can't, makes him a little bit creepy and menacing (maybe I'm exaggerating), I hope he has a good flashback. About the fight, I think Takeda can win, but it won't be easy, Lugh has no mercy, he has the intention to kill, if Takeda isn't careful he could get seriously injured.


I'll give this chapter 3 out of 5.

He knows.
He knows.
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Honestly I'm just happy that Takeda is getting to fight, it's been way too long since he's had a fight.

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