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Battle 493. Can't grasp it's nature!
Battle 493. Can't grasp it's nature!


Lugh breaks Sieg's neck.
Lugh breaks Sieg's neck.

The Ryozanpaku masters are still attacking the Yami's base while the Shinpaku Alliance is about to confront Lugh, Kenichi and Miu tell the Yomi member that his master Kensei is a dangerous man that uses his disciples as guinea pigs (they also mention that Tanaka Tsutomu's master was killed by him), but Lugh answers that he knew that already, knowing that, Kenichi tells Lugh that he will use all his strength to beat him down.

Niijima tells the Shinpaku Alliance to attack together and defeat Lugh, however Kenichi wants to fight him mano a mano. Freya and Kisara also show interest in fighting Lugh, but suddenly Ukita attacks him in a reckless movement. Sieg stops Ukita and after observing Lugh's movements, he reveals that the enemy is in fact a blind martial artist, everyone is surprised. Sieg then decides to be Lugh's next opponent and goes for him, nevertheless, Lugh uses a devastating attack on Sieg and (apparently) breaks his neck.

Thor gets angry and is the next one to attack, Lugh dodges him and tries to destroy Thor's joints. While Thor tries to escape from Lugh's attacks, Sieg (who is laying on the ground) kicks (with no effect) the Yomi member, stands up and notes that all the enemy's techniques are locks. Lugh confirms that he had a specialization training in locks and tells everyone that when he was still in a team his nickname was "Submission".

The Good

Siegfried is alive.
Siegfried is alive.

+ The cover as always.

+ More information about Lugh is revealed.

+ Lugh owning Siegfried.

+ Kenichi and Niijima freaking out at Sieg when he woke up after having his neck broken.

The Bad

- No Berserker or Ryuto.

- Ukita being reckless as always.

My Quick Thoughts

I remember that someone said the previous week that Lugh's eyes looked strange because he managed to control both Sei and Dou Ki without secondary effects, but now it seems Lugh is just blind, however it's still interesting. Also I also want to note that Lugh isn't the first blind martial artist that is introduced, Jiseo Ro, Ma Sougetsu's old friend, is also blind and he is a master, which surprises me more. Lugh looks like a tough fighter but I think Kenichi and Miu can defeat him.


I'll give this chapter 2.5 out of 5.

Lugh is a tought opponent, don't underestimate the blind people.
Lugh is a tought opponent, don't underestimate the blind people.
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