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Battle 492. A Bad Premonition
Battle 492. A Bad Premonition


Kenichi's masters attacking the Yami's base.
Kenichi's masters attacking the Yami's base.

The Ryozanpaku masters go wild and start attacking the Yami's lair which is home of Kensei of the Nine Shadows. While fighting, the masters comment that Kensei's underlings are quite strong and that his ability to relay techniques is frightening. Shigure notes that she can't feel Kensei's presence and tells the other masters to split up and look for him.

In other place, near the Yami's lair, the Shinpaku Alliance and Yomi are face to face. Niijima informs everyone that according to Loki and Number 20, after Ragnarok was disbanded, Kitsukawa Shougo (aka Berserker) entered Yami as part of Kensei's Yomi. Meanwhile everybody is wondering who is the new guy that accompanies Berseker and Ryuto, so Kenichi asks him: "who are you?". Kensei's disciple introduces himself as Lugh, member of the team Mabinogion.

Ryuto, who is talking on the cellphone, is informed about the situation in Kensei's villa that is under attack and tells Berserker and Lugh to retreat to another base. Niijima, despite of sensing something strange in both Yomi members, tries to provoke Berserker to fight and tells him that he has become a dog just to get martial arts off Kensei. Lugh corrects Niijima and explains that Berserker was taught neither techniques nor style by their master, however he was trained with methods from ancient martial arts to develop his own abilities, this is called the Garyuu or "Self Taught Style".

Ryuto tells Lugh to get in the car for the second time, but he decides to stay and confront the Shinpaku Alliance by himself.

The Good

Shigure cutting the wall.
Shigure cutting the wall.

+ Freya's cover at the beginning of the chapter.

+ The Ryozanpaku masters attacking the Yami's lair.

+ Berserker's true name is finally revealed.

+ Lugh giving some interesting information about Berserker's training.

The Bad

- Nothing really important happened, aside from Kenichi's masters fighting against underlings and the information that was revealed.

- Berserker being inactive in this chapter.

My Quick Thoughts

Kensei have been always been around but we have never seen him fighting at full capacity, this Arc is the perfect opportunity for that, nevertheless I don't think he is going to fight alone, Mikumo Kushinada and/or other masters from Yami will probably help him. I also think it's interesting how Kensei gives special trainings to his disciples. I want to see what is Lugh's "special ability" and how strong is he.


I'll give this chapter 2 out of 5, it was OK, but I want to see more action.

Berserker being cool.
Berserker being cool.
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