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 You jealous yet?
 You jealous yet?
BAM! As many of you know, Borders is going out of business. Also, some of you may remember that I said I was going to make manga my priority this year. The above picture further proves I'm doing what I said. I got 8 of the above manga at 30% off and 1 at 25% off (because I bought it last week and RightStuf didn't have it). In fact, 30% off makes the manga cheaper than RightStuf before tax and only a couple cents more afterwards. So if y'all are a bit like me and really want the stuff in your hands instead of waiting a couple days I suggest going to your nearest Borders store and picking up what you want/can before they run out!

On to the good stuff now. My manga collection after this purchase totals 58 volumes. 4 of the volumes in the picture complete 2 series, which brings me to a total of 4 complete manga series (all of which don't have an anime) that tally to 23 volumes. All right, all right, all right! I'll tell you what I exactly got.

In the front row are Vol. 2-4 of B.Ichi (complete). In the top-left corner are Vol. 6 of BioMega (complete), Vol. 2 of Toradora, and Vol. 5 of Ultimo. Aaand in the top-right corner are Vol. 5-6 of Bakuman and Vol. 3 of Fairy Tail. That about does it for me. Look forward to me talking about these and other great manga and anime in upcoming Dunce Cap episodes. I can't wait to read Bakuman because it will be the first time I've read a manga further than its anime (that is ongoing).

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I wish I knew of a borders near me.
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Yay! You're into Bakuman, Fairy Tail, and B. Ichi.

B. Ichi's drawings are rough and gritty, but I loved it. Too bad it was only four volumes.

For Borders, I made a mistake. When it first introduces its foreclosures at 10?% or its first cuts, I skimmed a few titles and bought a few. Then days later, I got an email that Borders cut some more prices. I marched down there with a smile, but.... Borders in my town closed already. Called my friends (I don't have a car) and went to another city. Yet, I was too late. The shelves were wiped clean. No Shaman King, Fairy Tail, and my beloved sister's manga was gone.

The only remainders were Biomega/ or Bioshock?, Hyde and Closer, a thick, orange manga about baseball (Slice of Life? genre), and Bakuman. I made a decision and bought Bakuman and Hyde and Closer because I learned that Death Note's creator created Bakuman on its cover.

Edit: It was Biomega.

When the final or third cuts roll in, there were no more close by.

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That's too bad about Borders bro. The store closest to me still has a couple things I'd get but I'm gonna wait a couple days and hope for 40%. There is still quite a bit left in the store but not much that I want to get into right now (such as Negima!).

BioMega is cool concept-wise and with the illustration but the story is still over my head. Not much time is spent explaining things even though it tries to. I hope the last volume sums it all up for me. The volumes are super easy reads though because the panels are mostly big and full of action.

I still have to read the volumes of B.Ichi and Fairy Tail, too, but after reading 5 and 6 of Bakuman I couldn't stop. Bakuman is cocaine to me-I love it so much. So I'm reading it online up to where it's currently at and then gonna read the others. B.Ichi is the style it is because it's by the same person who did Soul Eater.
In case you didn't know though, Ultimo is a Stan Lee work. I like the concept and Vol. 5 (in the picture) is the newest one and they don't come out as often as other manga.
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I will try Ultimo. I couldn't squeeze some time to watch Claymore. Manga is always convenient to read on the go whether in the actual book or online at school.

I like Bakuman as well because it was interesting to see the behind the scenes of creating a manga. It's a tough life. It's just like the comic books when I read Stan Lee's biography.

I couldn't get into Hyde and Closer. It was like Pokemon but with stuffed animals and magic except the stuffed animals talk, do drugs, and kill people. No offense to people who love the series. By the way, I check the page on Anime Vice. Interestingly, Zombiepie's name is on the second volume and others.

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Indeed it is. Tom did a video review of a volume a while back on Hyde and Closer. It didn't sound like my cup of tea either.
Watch Claymore? For Tom's W&L? I have the Blu-ray and did a Dunce Cap on it with my old co-host, as well as the Beginner's Guide.
I haven't read Lee's biography but I bet it's cool. He's been around since the beginning and started when he was in HS I think.
I'm up to Ch. 71 of Bakuman, so I'm about half way through what's out in Japan. I connect with it so much because the characters are cool, the illustration is awesome, and the story is spectacular. Bakuman explains exactly what I want to do but I'd be like Takagi and some of the others in the series who can't draw but can come up with stories. I have about 20 ideas floating around that are all different and original.
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I got Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei vol 3 and 4 yesterday.  I'd have gotten 5, 6 and 7 too, but I got Kurt Vonnegut's Mother Night, Look At The Birdie, and Slaughterhouse-Five 25th Anniversary edition instead.  The manga section in both nearby Borders has been hit pretty hard.  Most of the series I'm interested in are missing most of the early volumes, especially FMA, since I already got 2-4 during the sales, but now they don't have 5-13 in either store.
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I love Slaughterhouse by Kurt Vonnegut. At first, it was confusing for outside reading when my teacher told me to read a harder book. I understand his point about war. I think I bought Percy Jackson Demi God? and some action novel (Fang?) for my young sister.

Edit: I find it later.

For some reason, I love manga/ or anime that has some references to history or any social science.

Luckily, my public libraries has most of the series I look for because scans online do not have author's notes, table of contents, one shots, and others that are necessary for wiki editing on the manga volumes.

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