Help finding a manga movie.

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Hey all.

I'v been looking for a specific manga movie for years now and I never thought to ask here for it.

So the problem is I have no idea what it was called or where it was set I assume tokyo maybe, all I know of the plot was, There was demons all over the city and the main guy was possibly infected by a demon but instead of him turning into a demon he somehow controlled the transformation and then I guess he could use his new found demon powers to kill other demons.

Probably not the best description but with any lucky someone might be able to have a clue what movie I'm talking about.

Thanks in advance.

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Any hints on what the art looks like? You could post something that closely resembles the art. Because it will become a lot easier if you could post it.

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Sadly not this is a memory when I was a kid i'v always assumed wicked city or demon city was it but its not. I rememebr alot of gore that probably doesnt help much :) how many demon manga movies are available?

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