Hate to face that thing.

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 How strong is Wonderweiss and that Hollow?

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-sigh-- I don't know... but by the size of that Hollow, i;d say its pretty effing strong.

Where's the old-man at? Who's he fighting at the moment, because he needs to go help Soi Fon in fighting the old Espada man. She's already lost an arm to him....
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Bleach's glacial pacing is like torture, but the promise of more Captain-level bankais keeps me reading... It's hard to feel that anyone is particularly threatened by the villains knowing that someone will just use their bankai and kill whoever they're fighting in the end.
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Weak when some captain shows their bankai... Yawn

which is why i prefer One Piece and Naruto over this
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i can kik that thing ass with 1 swip of my sword!!!!
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I need to catch up with Bleach I am way far behind.
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i call bullshit i say the big one asint strong at all HOWEVER the small one can do damage lol
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hollow rule 101 : if the hollow in question is smaller, it would probably kick more ass
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