Graphic Novel and Comic Books

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Ok my sister thinks there in no differences and she doesnt get why they r 2 different things i know there is a difference but i dont know how to describe it can anyone help?
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One is made in the US and one is made in Japan.  Also, you read both of them differently.
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Different styles of character and scenery designs as well.
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I agree with Alan Moore 

"It's a marketing term ... that I never had any sympathy with. The term 'comic' does just as well for me. ... The problem is that 'graphic novel' just came to mean 'expensive comic book' and so what you'd get is people like DC Comics or Marvel Comics because 'graphic novels' were getting some attention, they'd stick six issues of whatever worthless piece of crap they happened to be publishing lately under a glossy cover and call it The She-Hulk Graphic Novel...."    

Manga, Comics and Graphic Novels are all the same thing. The only reason why I differentiate between Comics and Manga is because It sets the person your talking to into a certain way of thinking.
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