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Like the show it has it high points but it has super low points as well. I thought the fights dragged on in the show but the manga takes it to a whole new level. My favorite parts of the series take place outside of combat but man, they drag shit out forever in the manga. One battle lasted over two years of real world time. I dropped it shortly after that.

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@ReplicaRex: Gantz manga is pretty awesome, it kicks the anime butt a hundred times and then cuts it in half with an oversized katana (Yes, they get "Freudian" Katanas *Snickers*)

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The Manga is way more kick assing than the anime, I recommend you read it, you won't regret it!
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@ReplicaRex: well it's still ongoing and is far past the temple battle..the current storyline

is dragging a bit,

and i highly dislike the character Tae.

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@ReplicaRex: i's decent, the fights and aliens are actually pretty well done, but it skips a lot of stuff, however i heard they're making a sequel, so it could add more later

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