Favorite Manga?

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I hope this has not already been made...


Deadman Wonderland 

Fooly Cooly 

Future Diary 
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dragon ball
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Eyeshield 21 baby! it makes a football fan out of all of us. 
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It been make before

My Top Ten Favorite Manga Series

1. Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden

Mahoromatic, manages to take one of the trends in shounen manga, the "Battle Maid", and stand it completely on its head. Unlike some of the more over-the-top titles in this sub-genre, Mahoromatic manages to be funny, touching, exciting, and even a bit perverted all at the same time.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is shonen manga containing so much and is so unique that it stands in a league of its own. Yet despite its seriousness and mature themes such as perseverance, determination and life vs death, Arkawa-sama is able to capture a laugh or two out of me.

3. Negima!

Negima! has more to it than a cute kid surrounded by pretty women. Negi has a goal he truly believes in - to one day become a master wizard like his father. He doesn’t have exact plan on how to reach his goal, which makes it rather hard for him to find his way at times. There are many points where Negi is forced to seriously think on his actions and goals, something rather difficult for any 10-year-old, even a prodigy. The girls also have serious points in their back stories, making them more than setup tools for a hot spring scene. All of the battle scene in this manga, is done really good.

4. One Piece

One Piece is one of my favorite shonen series. I have never read a manga able to carry on this long and still hold my interest in every chapter. Unlike some other manga out there(Bleach, Naruto, and Dragon Ball)

5. Berserk

I'll comment on this later

6. Fairy Tail

Don't compared Fairy Tail to One Piece, people can't really compare anything to One Piece but both those great works were inspired by Dragon Ball which was truly a masterpiece. Fairy Tail is awesome for it's uniqueness compared to the other populer manga's adding romance and more to the characters as well as making the female ones just as or stronger than their male counterparts. Which Bleach and Naruto lack for the most part.

7. Dragon Ball

All the way up to Book #13

8. Yotsuba&!

I'll comment on this later

9. Soul Eater

I find Soul Eater absolutely hilarious to read. The humor is close to mine and it never fails to make me laugh. All the characters are great even if some of them can be annoying which is fine with me since that is realistic. The fighting are awesome, so different from what I used to in manga

10. Hyper Police

I'll comment on this later

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure  
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I love Soul Eater and Fairy Tail also =D I went to a con as Eruka frog and am beginning a Lucy Hearfelia one 
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Berserk is my favourite
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One Piece and Shaman King... and also Fruit Fruit Crazy King. 
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@sc said:

One Piece and Shaman King... and also Fruit Fruit Crazy King. 

I really disliked Shaman King until the author finally came back and created a proper finale. It still wasn't great, but Lyserg's final story was heart-wrenching...

Edit: Dislike isn't the right word... Disappointed is probably more accurate. 
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D Gray Man  
Soul Eater  
One Piece  
Fullmetal Alchemist  
Deadman Wonderland  
Natsume's Book of Friends  
Battle Royale 
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1st-Dragonball (Fav chars:Goku and Vegeta)
2nd-Bleach(Fav Chars:Shinji Hirako and Tsukishima)
3rd-D grayman (Fav chars:Froi Tiedoll and Lavi) 
4th-Samurai X(Fav Chars:Makoto Shishio and Kenshin)
5th-YuYu Hakusho (Fav Chars:Raizen and Hiei)
6th-Naruto (Fav Chars:Kakashi and Killer bee)
7th-One Piece (Fav Chars:Jaracule Mihawk and Kizaru)
8th-Gintama (Fav Char:Gintoki)
9th-Shama King (Fav Chars:Hao and choclove)
10th-Fairy Tail(Gazille redfox and Erza)
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Full Metal Alchemist 
Azumanga Daioh
Darker Than Black
Chrono Crusade
Nightmare inspector
D-Gray Man
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History's strongest deciple Kenichi, is pretty hilarious and serious. THen i guess it would fall under hellsing, FMA, DBZ, and naruto/bleach/one piece(all three tie)
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2.Defense Devil 
4. D. Gray-Man 
5. The Beaker /The Breaker New Wave
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It appears we're actually doing lists... Hrm... 
1. Eyeshield 21 
2. Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (or what I have read of it) 
3. Vagabond (just beautiful) 
4. Monster 
5. Bleach (how a manga could be so much better than its anime adaption I'm not sure) 
6. Welcome to the NHK 
7. Chrono Crusade (again, a manga heads and tails better than the eventual anime)
8. Hikaru no Go (making playing a board game interesting for 22 volumes is a small miracle) 
9. Air Gear 
10. Pretty Face (totally a guilty pleasure) 
11. Negima 
12. Yu Yu Hakusho 
13. Fullmetal Alchemist 
14. Claymore 
15. Kurohime
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