Dream Teams: Takahashi and Adachi

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I'm guessing more of you are familiar with Ranma ½ and InuYasha's Rumiko Takahashi than with Mitsuru Adachi, but in Japan he's quite a star. Creating manga for both shoujo and shounen anthologies, his works appeal to many...but only one has made it to North America: Short Program, two volumes of short stories from throughout Adachi's career.

Why do I bring up these two? They'll be working together on a new manga called My Sweet Sunday, to be published in Shogakukan's Weekly Sunday anthology. It's just a 30-page one-shot, but it's intended to celebrate Sunday's 50 anniversary on March 17th-- due out in the next issue, hitting stores March 18.

When I first heard about the collaboration, it instantly clicked with me. Although their story styles are very different-- Takahashi usually favoring wacky scenarios with supernatural elements and Adachi preferring more slice-of-life stories, at least based on my reading of Short Program –their art styles should mesh together extremely well, I think. Consider, for example, this drawing of Lum Adachi did (right) and compare it to Takahashi's own (above left).

How about you guys? Would you want to read it?

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Hell yeah that sounds awesome :) lol i think im one of the few who knows Urusei Yatsura better then Ranma 1/2 XD
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Takahashi Shows do usually  have wacky scenarios, but when he made Maison Ikkoku supernatural elements were no were to be found.
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N15PCA: She. And yes, Maison Ikkoku and some of the short stories in Rumic World have no supernatural elements-- but even then they lean towards the wacky side, even if not metaphysical. Just look at the cast of characters of Maison-- dog-phobe, dogaholic, drunks, etc...^_^
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I've always enjoyed Takahashi's short works far more than her long ones.  I hope to get a chance to read this (most likely it will have to be via less than legal means).  Amusing choice of image at the top there.
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JELEINEN: I'm a huge fan of Takahashi's shorts! :)
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