Chihayafuru Wins Manga Taisho Award

Topic started by gia on March 25, 2009. Last post by Suzu 6 years ago.
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Back in January we announced the ten nominees for Japan's 2 annual Manga Taisho Award, and according to Comic Natalie, the winner is...Chihayafuru! Haven't heard of it? That's unsurprising; it's by Yuki Suetsugu (creator of a bunch of other manga you probably haven't heard of, including 100% no Kimi e and Eden no Hana. The story revolves around a sixth-year student who dreams of becoming a model, until a transfer student tells her that she can't do it-- without his help.

Chihayafuru got the highest score, 102-- here's how the rest of the nominees did.

94 - Uchuu Kyoudai – Chuuya Kodama – Two young boys decide to become astronauts together.

65 – Sangatsu no LionHoney and Clover's Chika Umino – A young shougi-playing boy befriends a neighbor who singlehandedly takes care of her two younger sisters.

47 – Shinya Shokudou – Yare Abo - I can't find much, but it's a foody manga and features curry, I think.

46 – Seishun Shounen Magazine 1978-1983 – Makoto Kobayashi

45 – Saint Oniisan – Hikaru Nakamura – Jesus and Buddha take a break from the heavens to become roomies in modern Japan. I wish it had done better in this contest!

43 – Tomehane! Suzuri Koukou Shodoubu – Katsutoshi Kawai – Tales of a high school calligraphy club.

36 – Mama wa Tenparist – Akiko Higashimura

25 – Toriko - Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro – A young man hunts down the rarest and most exotic food ingredients for the wealthy.

15 – Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. - Kubo Yasuhisa – A detective and his helper discover plans for a demon rebellion.

Interesting stuff. Of the ones that I could find information on, which sound most interesting to you? I have to admit I find Chihayafuru's art to be really nice.

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I suppose one could call this the absolution of Suetsugu Yuki.  Her name might ring a bell to anyone familiar with her plagiarism scandal that came out a few years ago.  But, I guess it's cool that she's back to work and apparently doing quite well.  Once again the success-pariah-redemption trope plays out.
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Even if I hadn't read a word of your news post (and I almost didn't as the cover thumb immediately grabbed me) -- I would buy this based on the aforementioned pic.    Translated prefered, of course... and at second glace the eyes are a mite large for my tastes, but those whisps of hair, the composition, and the expression all make me want to read this, or search for an art book by the same artist.

Tell me Yuki Suegetsu has an art book.  That'd make my year.
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dean: Oh, man, I *had* forgotten about that. I wonder if that means yaoi mangaka Youka Nitta is about due for her comeback, too?

Matt: Nothing I could find for now :\
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Yep, Suegetsu rings a plagiarism bell. Too bad Eden no Hana was never continued in German, I wanted to read that series. :(

The artwork for this looks nice, too. I'd probably buy it. ^^
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