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bleach is a manga that is capable to figth head on against  the favorite naruto. it is a worthy opponent that it has its great chapters that have overtaken naruto. but like other mangas there are times when they lack the capacity to create a good idea for the weeks chapter. 
writers block, naruto also has their bad times, there was a time when the story went to a overloaded twist that you can sense that this are twists just to make the story on going. eventually naruto survived this situation and returns with its good plot. the same thing that is happening on bleach, right now kubo tite is having troubles in expressing his creative thoughts into the chapters. its quite half made and it  doesn't have the same magic that the older chapter have.
hope that bleach can return in the way we loved it and enjoyed. please understand why bleach's chapters are like this, kubo tite is still a human and create lapses. lets wait, i know it can return to the way it is before.
this is my first time writing here. please correct me if i have mistakes.
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bleach sucks and naruto is on its way to sucking....
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My take 
- Naruto the anime has been getting better and better.   
- Bleach the anime has been getting better and better. 
- Bleach the manga has been getting worse and worse.  Unlike the anime where people with at least a mild talent for storytelling get a chance to write, the manga is just Kubo, who peaked like 300 chapters back and has been ass for a pretty long time.
- Naruto the manga hasn't gotten any better or worse for me.
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Im gettin tired of people dissing kubo, I actually enjoy his writing! Naruto though is the better of the two, im surprised you didnt bring up one piece since it also is a major competitor for naruto  
and bleach.
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@KingSolomon: its good to know there's someone who thinks that way. i really admire the work of bleach!
i didn't bring up one piece cause im just watching its anime, i'm not reading its manga cause for me the drawing is not that clear.
thank you for commenting
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