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Okay. I skipped last week because of a busy schedule, and I was supposed to do the same today. But, This chapter was too damn epic, but only for one reason.

We finally get to see Ichigo's newly rebuilt Zanpaktou. It's weird to me, but epic at the same time.

Can't drag this out today, so let's get this over with.

His new zanpaktou is dual wield!!!!
His new zanpaktou is dual wield!!!!

If this isn't one of the better developments for Ichigo, I don't know what is. I always wanted Ichigo to have two swords, so I guess Kubo answered my prayers. Although he could have done the design for the blades a bit differently. It's like he decided to use the little blade from Ichigo's Fullbring and a different variation of Ginjo's blade. Either way, it's awesome!!! So ready to see it in action.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Juha Bach seems to have something to tell the Sternritter. Maybe he's gonna introduce Uryuu as a new member, or maybe we will finally hear something from Ryuken. Either way, we will be held in suspense until next week.

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I demand to see what he can do now lol. I want to see the perfect combination of Hollow, Shinigami, and Quincy powers. Come on Kubo, make it happen, no more trolling.

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Not gonna lie, his dual blades are badass. The smaller one could look cooler though.
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Ichigo has now a butcher knife XD

He can cut bread on the go lol

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i dont know why but i dont like what i see >_<


Ps:-No hate intended-


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@Sylvain: Thank you.

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@5th said:

@Sylvain: Thank you.


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Ps:Vive le Québec Libre!


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