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Okay ladies and gents. Bleach 540 finally dropped, and when I tell you that this chapter will shock everyone, I'm not exaggerating. Let's kick this off in a good way this week. Firstly, the process in which Ichigo's Zanpaktou is made has officially begun, thus we have the introduction of the Sword Five, Nimaiya's personal assistants. I find it odd how one of them looks just like Mugetsu Ichigo.

These five girls contribute to the sword making process by using their unique abilities. I’m not quite certain on all of their abilities, but the one in the top middle breathes fire, the one in the bottom left has super strong hair (Kubo stole Sani!) and the one that looks like Mugetsu uses her teeth to create a hammer (weird). Hopefully there will be more development into their characters because they seem like good characters.

Next, we have a good revelation. Now, in one of my previous reviews for bleach, I recall saying that the Asauchi Ichigo chose was his hollow. Well, that is exactly who it is. It is now official. Hichigo has returned!!!

Okay, so a lot of people will probably be mad because they like Old Man Zangetsu, and Tensa Zangetsu, but I believe their opinions are about to change. Completely. Even I wasn't prepared for something like this, and I can smell plot twists a mile away. The scan below is further proof for the return of Hichigo, but if you keep reading, you will find out something amazingly shocking.

Brace yourselves....

I think you guys can figure out where this is going....

That's right people!!! Ywach is Zangetsu!!!!!!!! Shocking isn't it? And apparently, Zangetsu is the Ywach from 1000 years ago.

Now, if you think back, you should remember Zangetsu telling Ichigo that he tries to suppress his inner hollow, and how Ichigo shouldn't be using its power? Now it makes a hell of a lot of sense, no? Ywach was making sure that Ichigo was only using his Quincy powers instead of allowing his real power to be used. Maybe his real powers have something to do with fire like Isshin. Maybe his new Bankai will be a new hollow form. For now, let's leave it up to our imaginations. This is going to make the rest of the week unbearable. Hopefully, next week will be Ichigo vs. Zangetsu - The final battle, or about Kenpachi (been waiting way too damn long to see his damn Bankai!)

With all that being said, let's begin with the discussions!

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So Zangetsu is Juha Bach? LOL what a plot twist.

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No action but what a plot twist! But I just realized something. All of Ichigo's power stems from all the main villains! Juha Bach is responsible for the Quincy and fake Shinigami powers. Aizen is responsible for the hollow and Fullbring powers. And Ginjo helped unlock the Fullbring powers! But to think that Juha has been relevant in Bleach since before SS arc. Wow.
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@taichokage: Ikr? Kinda seems crazy, but it's a decent plot twist. Lets just see what happens in the next chapter

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