Bleach 527 review- A day of trolls

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First Impressions

You know it is like last chapter was bad and then this chapter just rules. *Face palms* You know what lets just move on

Later Impressions

The Good

  • Kenpachi learns his sword's name
  • The fall of Unohana.. hopefully
  • Moving on from Unohana vs Kenpachi
  • The color page!!!

The Bad

  • Ichigo gets shot back to another place
  • My name is.......what..... I wanna know!!!
  • No Unohana bankai revelation
  • Kubo trolls us in more ways than one

Ratings 8/10

You know what it is funny cause Kenapcjhi vs Unohana ended at the right time since so many of us were finding it to be more drawn out and lengthen. The chapter also makes you more upset at the last one for not welly giving Unohana a bankai explanation.

I really like how this arc has been moving until this point. Either way it wasn't an awesome chapter it just seemed like a more teaser chapter which is nice to have


I have heard a lot of speculation from people. Many believe Ichigo will return to the world of the living, Which doesn't seem too bad as it gives a shot at reconnecting with Uryuu. Which I think is the idea of this next part should be. Ichigo will likely expand his quincy abilities more than he did before. I would enjoy it if this comes to fruition.

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I'm glad Nimaiya sent him away (badass technique btw). It will give us more of a real story. More of a plot rather than Ichigo breezing through training at light speed as he usually does. Then he goes, beats some strong guys then loses to a stronger guy, then trains again and a day later beats that same guy. No. Nimaiya did the unexpected and put a wall between Ichigo's legendarily quick training and gave us an opportunity for a good plot for a change. I'm interested to see where this leads. Ishida? Isshin? Urahara? Maybe even Karin will show up. Kubo seemed to have forgotten that he gave her powers in the Fullbring arc that were never shown. But besides that, I wonder what Nimaiya's plan is because not only was he supposed to proceed to the remaining 2 palaces, but the Spirit King himself wanted to see Ichigo. So I wonder how this will turn out. No way Nimaiya banished him for good. As for the other part, I'm hyped about Kenpachi. Apparently he got his former level of power back which is why he beat Unohana in moments even after her bankai was released, which leads me to my next two points. If he is that strong now? How monstrous will be be if he gets a shikai and/or bankai immediately after? The other point is that I feel fairly strongly that just like Byakuya, Unohana may not be dead. This isn't the first time Kubo has used a scenario like this. Hitsugaya first uses his bankai against a vastly stronger opponent (Aizen) and was cut down immediately without revealing a thing. Some time later he used his bankai a second time and revealed its abilities then. The same thing might happen with Unohana. At least I hope so. Otherwise it was a waste of arguably the most foreshadowed character in the series. But it was a good chapter I think. Kenpachi stronger, Kenpachi about to learn his zanpakutou's name, Renji succeeding in his training, and unexpected plot development for Ichigo. I agree 8/10
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I actually liked Unohana enough for her to come back. But things got interesting and I know Ichigo is gonna get some Quincy training. And Kenny is finally unleashing his power which is great. I can dig an 8/10
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Getting outshined by Renji this far in. Tsk, tsk, tsk. This is what he gets for having all of his power handed to him on a silver platter and rarely training . Oh well, at least it'll make Ichigo's next step interesting.

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If Uno is really dead, it seems like the ultimate waste of a character. The only interesting thing she's done imo is suspect something was up with Aizen like 500 chapters ago and some shenanigans that a clone of her did during a filler arc.

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I was raging when It switched scenes after Kanpachi's Zanpakuto's started to talk! I want to know the name!

Imagine is the name is Broly? that would be awesome!

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