Bleach 526 review- Oh god! Why?

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First Impressions

*Gests up and walks away from screen and screams to the heavens

Later Impressions

The Good

  • Seeing Unoahana's bankai......
  • The flashback with Unohana and Kenpachi
  • The death of Unohana
  • Unohana X Kenapachi
  • The skulls were cool

The Bad

  • What was Unohana's bankai? A illusion perhaps
  • What was up with the skullss

Rating: 7/10

Yea.. this chapter was just ironic to read. I was gonna give it a much much lower rating, but when I thought about it the goods outweighed the bads by a lot. Still though the whole bankai thing was really weird

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@secretzfan: How was Unohana dying a good thing?

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@UltimateHero0406: Death is always a interesting thing. This one we all saw coming and the fact that Kubo didn't hold back unlike he did with Byakuya is quite very interesting thing to see

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@secretzfan: Yes, your right. A major death in the series is a rarity. At least Kubo makes a habit of revealing bankai before death. I absolutely hate it when characters hold back their powers in a good fight for a stupid reason, especially when there about to die.

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Mixed feelings about this chapter. Appreciates Kubo throwing away his past habit of not killing off main characters (especially female ones. I can't name 1 mainstream female of importance that has died yet with this new possible exception). But does not appreciate the character in question being the strongest captain. Liked that we finally got to see Unohana's bankai, didn't like that I dont know wtf it does. Liked the art, did not like the little dialogue that there was. Likes that Kenpachi is supposed to be the strongest captain now, doesnt like that this was not shown in this battle. It was almost like a pure swordsmanship battle, which is nice, but I expected it to be explosive and destructive like all Zaraki's other battles. 7/10 is fair.
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I wonder what will happen now that he had defeated Retsu?

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Horrible chapter IMO. Made no sense and seemed like an ass pull, they didn't even explain what the Bankai did really and her power was convenient for this fight (Why did she not bring people back before?) We don't even see her fight an enemy, I guess Kubo's way of spicing up a stry is killing off a character after using bankai before they can actually help out or something.

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@taichokage: For once I actually disagree with you on something. Kubo is a dumbass once again, he reveals someones bankai and immediately kills them. He could at least gave a vivid description.

@Kurohige: Agreed.

5/10 is more fair.

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I'm not saying I approved of the bankai or how it was dealt with, but it is better than what I tend to expect. It looked like there was a fair chance he wouldnt show it at all. But after re reading, IMO it is a sub par chapter. Not everything was horrible but all those useless panels were almost as annoying as the bankai. But thinking about it I guess 7/10 is too good a rating.
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