Bleach 525 review

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First Impressions

OMG all of Kenpachi's fights actually make sense now

The Good

  • Kenapchi's past
  • That the explanation of Kenpachi's losing to Shikai Ichigo really makes sense
  • Kenpachi was a killer even as a child

The Bad

  • Kenpachi's child design is a little weird... I mean how am I supposed to look at a little kid fighting a adult



It was a really good chapter for the most part. I mean I really enjoyed reading it

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Now that Viz has an up-to-date release strategy, I'm trying to stay away from scanalations. But money is a little tight these days, so I'll just have to settle for buying the volumes when they come out and going back to read these synopsis :P

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@AgentJ: Actually I want to say good job for you. However I have long since supported Shonen ump though and do not care for the digital releases, and even if I did would still read scans just because. I mean you can read scans and still support the digital copies . I already bought 2 of them cause I was bored....

Anyway it is nice to meet people who support anime and don't just pirate it

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It really was a good chapter, I like the past of Kenpachi and how he was a badass even as a child!

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The top Tier roster of Bleach just changed so much in the last 2 dozen or so chapters it's not funny. After this training Zaraki will likely be stronger than Yamamoto. I wonder though when or if anybody will be ascended beings. But I agree a good chapter. I honestly felt there was a 50/50 chance Kubo would skip this fight entirely. But he's delivering and he throws in character development and character history besides.
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It's really great that Kubo is finally unraveling Kenpachi's past which has been shrouded in mystery so far. I am still shocked that Unohana turned out to be involved in Kenpachi's history. I always assumed that she was nothing more than just a supporter on the team. Damn. What a twist. This arc has been great so far. It's been filled with twists and turns that I can't even predict what's coming ahead anymore. My hopes are really up for this arc and I am excited to read the upcoming chapters.

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