Bleach 522 review

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First Impressions

Ha ha ha ha... Bleach ha haha hahahaha

Later Impressions

The Good

  • Fanservice
  • Kubo got married= fanservice
  • Nimaya proving his is bad ass by destroying zanpaktou lol

The Bad

  • Nimaya's funny attitude
  • ha ha ha haha haha ha ha



Yea I wasn't going to do a review but since I was already looking at reviewing Samurai 7 epsiode agian and doing a series review for Naruto I said why not

also ha haha hahahahahaha

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The God of Zanpakuto is a cool dude.

I thought it was awesome how he broke Zangetsu and Sabimaru. I imagine at the end if the day, Zangetsu and Hollow Ichigo will beat up Ichigo for not paying attention to them.

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Ehh, it was a lot of unnecessary goofing and fan service, but just the fact that it is Nimaiya made it semi ok. I'd really like to see what the Royal Guard are truly capable of. Remember Shunsui's statement. The 5 of them rival the power of the entire Gotei 13 put together. They have got to be monsters. Going to each palace serves as a dual purpose. It enables Ichigo and finally Renji to get stronger quickly (anyone else thinking Renji could be a war potential or at least future captain?) and it foreshadows the abilities of each. Based on this one chapter I think we can figure out part of Nimaya's strength. He likely not only can go beyond a mere bankai (possibly full throttle ascended being) but he wields many zanpakutou which could apply to combat as well, hence giving him many times more abilities than even the strongest shinigami. I'm thinking similarly with Hikifune. Her super reishi food and mod soul mastery probably allows her to battle with unearthly amounts of reiatsu and possibly (just a thought) an army of reishi fed mod souls. I don't know about Kirinji other than that he blitzed Soifon where even Yoruichi didn't do so. Makes you wonder about Senjumaru and especially Ōsho, who seems to be the most senior out of them all. But something else that occurred to me. After going to each Guard's palace, the final stop is likely the King himself. They might get the best upgrade there. I can hardly wait.
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@taichokage: When you put it like that Bleach seems more interesting and promising.

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Well I can't wait for Ken-chan to get the epic upgrade.

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