Bleach 513 review- Quincies!!!!!

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First Impressions

Oh wow Kubo soooo will all things the fans make fan fics about come true this arc. What's next Kaien Shiba is Ichigo's step brother and Isshin sexed with a Shiba.

Later Impressions

The Good

  • The beat down of Ichigo Kurosaki
  • I love seeing Juha Bach waste characters with ease
  • Byakuya's death (For Reeelz this timez)

The Bad

  • So.. where does Masaki fit in all of this
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Got this review done in the nick of time. Next chapter is tomorrow. I'd say the good points are 1. Juha almost fodderized Ichigo 2. Byakuya is now dead (2 confirmed Captains now including Yamaji) 3. OMG did Ichigo just use a technique that wasn't Getsuga? What's more is that it is a Quincy ability. The bad is 1. Too short as usual 2. No mystery man still 3. No coverage of any other battles. But these apply to every chapter in the arc so I don't know if these are specific problem. But really, I want to find out about Ichigo's lineage but indont really care about Masaki's role. I only want to know if Ichigo as a part Quincy could actually be related to some of the Quincy that are still alive. Ishida? Juha? It's possible. But one thing I must mention. As of last chapter it has been revealed that Ichigo has powers from all the 4 main groups, Shinigami, Hollow, Quincy and Human. But what ticks me off to no end is that Ichigo seemingly only uses his shinigami abilities purposefully, and the rest are either intermittent or he deliberately suppresses them. If he just used his hollow abilities for instance, he could call upon high speed regen and hierro, not to mention his cero which IS more powerful than his increasingly annoying Getsuga. Potentially he could go Fullbring enhanced Bankai Ressureccion Volstanding. I only hope Kubo does something like that and allows Ichigo to use something that isn't a Getsuga tensho. All in all though this was a decent chapter and much better than 512.
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@taichokage: I agree!

Also what did you thought of Aizen's trolling against Juha?? lol I told you that Aizen was gonna troll him!

So this means that Ichigo's mother was a quincy?

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