Bleach 503 review

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First Impressions

Okay I normally like to wait till the mangastream translation comes out to do a review however when I did that this week as you can see this came out reaaaaaallly late, but hear it is the new Bleach chapter. My first impression based on the bad translation was it was a well meh average chapter witht he only awesome stuff being the new Sternritter O fighting Hisagi and Yamamoto is gonna battle the one with sternritter's bankai and Oh right.......


Later Impressions (A lot later)

The Good

  • The man who killed Chiojiro is... Sternritter O
  • LOL "I can beat people and get stronger tp just ebat more people up" -Tekking
  • Yamamoto meets Sternritter O
  • Kenpachi is still a beast , buut... *goes to page 11 and laughs ass offf*
  • Go Buckbeard taking Kenpachi with one arm

The Bad

  • Nothing... well maybe cuz it ended to fast for my taste, but..... meh
  • OH right Ichigo: Seems Byakuya maybe alive.... Dam you Kubo can you let someone important die without thinking of bringing them back

Rating: 9/10

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Yeah, pretty decent. Everyone knew Kenny was a beast just not THIS much. Even Captain Shunsui who is supposed to be the strongest captain after Yamaji and Unohana perhaps, is having trouble, albeit, not like Byakuya. But Kenny took out three? Wait....THREE of the same type of guys who roflcurbstomped Byakuya and even gave Ichigo trouble with no effort at all? But if you think about it, he had never once been serious completely in any battle thus far. Maybe he is serious now as he understands how grave the situation is. And Stern Ritter O I feel sorry for him already. Why of all people must he face the one guy who is truly set on killing him and who has the best chance of completely owning him as well? I actually like his ability. Like Aaroneiro he has the potential to be monstrously powerful. Too bad Kubo is about to kill him off. Bankai, Volstanding or no, Yamaji is about to have a char broiled ster Ritter for supper.
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