any good manga to read?

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can anybody give me suggestion a good manga to read?

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@deadman323: What genre?

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@deadman323 said:

shounen,shoujo and seinen

I can see from your favorite character list that you watched Bleach, DBZ and Naruto. Why don't you try One Piece, I'm telling you it's the best shounen manga.

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Toriko, Nanatsu no Taizai, Hunter x Hunter and Samurai Deeper Kyo.
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One piece is the second best shonen manga. Try area D, Magi, Noblesse.

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seem interesting,okay i give a try to one piece

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berserk, vagabond, vinland saga are some of the best seinen titles.

death note course....

i like houshin engi and jojo bizarre adventure for shonen....

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Everyone is recommending Shonen and Seinen manga series. I guess I'll do the Shoujo manga part even though I haven't read a lot.

I'm might be wrong about Black Butler's genre. Try Black Butler, it's about a rich brat whose parents were killed and made a contract with the devil who is his butler. First couple of chapters are boring, but if you hang in there, it gets good.

  • D. Gray-Man - It's a shonen series about Allen Walker fighting Akuma, machine like beasts that hide in human's skin like wolves. It's a religious series that doesn't hold back on killing people, either good or bad ones. The Akuma are like Bleach's Hollows, their evolution is similar. The higher the level, the more human you become in D. Gray Man's Akuma.
  • Btooom - If you like Battle Royale or Hunger Game, this series is for you. Ryota is trapped on an island where players are forced to kill each other and collect BIM chips to get off the island like in the video game Btooom!.
  • Vampire Knight - It's a shojo series I still enjoy. It's a long manga series about Yuki, your cute little enforcer who guards the secrets from her classmates that the night academy is full of vampires.


I realized you posted the thread as a blog by mistake. If you're just going to post a question, then post a forum thread. A blog should have at least a paragraph or a list.

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