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I'm a big fan of over the top fighting animes in the style of Scryed, Beserk(and the Manga) and Bleach. To be perfectly honest, I'm not so much looking for an awesome plot, which is always an added bonus, but just really awesome overly violent heroes. Any suggestions?
I also liked:
Heroic Age
Gundam 00
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Death Note(ha ha ha, Ha Ha Ha. AHAHAHA, sorry)
 FMA: Brotherhood (Saw the original liked Brotherhood better)
Suggested to avoid:
Evangelion(Saw the original)
Dragonball Z (Saw the original)
Naruto ( Following the Manga at the moment)
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Well, if you want something over-the-top that'll leave you scratching your head (that's fairly recent as well), check out Gintama.
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Gundam SEED (it doesn't get interesting until about 5-8 episodes in though) and SEED Destiny might be up your alley.
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Haha SEED is pretty old and was what got me to look into 00 because people said they were comparable in goodness.
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You should read Veritas (manwha) with a protagonist that fits your description, he goes for the nuts and the eyes and gets stronger with each fight.... 
In anime you could watch Gurren Lagann, Fist of the North Star (Old but violent as hell), Hellsing and Baki the Grappler (is like Kenichi only with berserk style violence)
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Sengoku Basara  - If you're familiar with Dynasty Warriors, it's like that.  Video example.  It's on Hulu and Netflix. 
Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - just nothing but crazy shit from one episode to the next.  Updates a classic series.  Video example.  Unlicensed in North America
Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Like Gundam but as a tournament fighter.  Insane Gundam designs.  Crazy nonsensical plot.  Kung-fu masters defeat giant robots with their fists!  Video example.  Out on DVD (Netflix). 
Needless - If you liked s-Cry-ed, it's very similar but more comedic.  I wrote about it in a past blog.  Lots of over-the-top action and silly lowbrow humor. Video example.  Collection 1 out now, collection 2 out in April.  I believe subs only. 
For cartoonishly excessive violence (non-bloody) involving cute red-head girls, I recommend the 1986 movie Project A-ko and series, The Slayers.  Season 1-3 came out in the 1990s, but season 4 came out in 2009.  All are out on DVD and may be on Hulu or Netflix, too.  Example A-ko.  Example Slayers.  Slayers is more comedic than non-stop violence but Lina and crew tend to leave rubble in their wake.  
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@PenguinDust: @Masako_Hihashi: @sickVisionz: @Makoto_Mizuhara_Sakamoto: 
Thank you all for you're help I will look into them ASAP.
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I second Needless
and adding TTGL on top of it,a nd sengoku basara

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@thecrowbar:   yup, Needless Its a winners bet...also Gurren LagannBlack Lagoon or Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, and if you dont care that much about the plot check out Ikki Tousen.
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