You have no internet what do you do?

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Whenever my internet is out, my library will be there to save the day. (It includes books, animes, mangas, comics, novels, video-games. My prized collection which I gathered over the years)

For emergency anime I have the box sets (along with their movies) of Ghost in The Shell, Gundam Z, Evangelion, Steins;Gate, along with other classics. While I do own physical copies of many anime series, these are my go-to-watch series in emergencies.

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Pretty much what EVA_01 said. I tend to immerse myself in the series called: The Malazan Book Of The Fallen. The rich world building and details that I re-discover is something I won't tire of in a long while.

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So the internet died after 14 inchs of snow Wednesday night. /sigh

So it was quick robin to the Blue Rays! Except for some reason my blue ray player in my comp just did not want to work with out the internet.

So it was quick robin to the DVDs an thus a stroll down memory lane started. Some I had not watched in 8 years. But I chose based on not age but what struck my fancy.

Since the blue ray was not working but dvd was I watched dvd versions of...

Pacific Rim Always hate it when the aliens try to take over the planet. Don't you?

Hellboy ok so I was on a Guillermo del Toro kick.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Yes yes thats Seth MacFarlane in it as the voice of Johann

Daredevil the directors cut not the butchered released version. Much better film good even with the extra footage. Noted all the hat tips for names to ll the big comic names who worked on the comic. Very classy move that the studio heads seemed to cut for the theater.

Sigh electric went out for a bit but its back still no internet or phone. So it became a matter of survival an we go to the master of that... Officer John McClane in..

Die Hard which if you watch the butchered tv version is just ok. But uncensored its great.

Die Hard 2 almost as good as the 1st. Good use of returning characters tho.

Die Hard: With a Vengeance not as fun as 1 an 2. Still good.

Live Free or Die Hard it had some moments. Still good enuff to watch but seemed to me Bruce Willis was having more fun in this than with a vengence.

an finally Kick-Ass on dvd cause no blue ray working. Just boggles my mind the blue ray worked with this before to. Oh well will figure it out maybe just need a cleaning . But yes just like a bad penny my internet has returned!

This outage has taught me that I need to buy more back up movies. Will get more reading material to once I get glasses hopefully this month. Mine are 10 years old an I am near sighted. So holding things away from me to focus is new an not good.

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I'd read a shit ton of DC comics pre-52. Also, a few Marvel stuff. Maybe Vertigo, and Image. Read books.

But mostly, I would writer, and earn a crap ton of money from my novels.

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Many, many, many things to do w/out internet. I can just go to my backyard and jump in the dirty river.

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@Marshal Victory said:

So the internet died after 14 inchs of snow Wednesday night. /sigh

You must have been like
You must have been like
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Just chill. Lift weights, read, watch movies, listen to movies, etc

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@Iju: was more like..

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