You have no internet what do you do?

Topic started by Marshal Victory on July 16, 2014. Last post by GeneralVan 1 month ago.
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@Dream: Hmm he must not have met the cap cause he does not know he has one. Then again He was a Everquest friend an that doesnt eat up alot of usage. Where as say The elder scrolls online would. Shoot thought had something there for ya.

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This is my present Internet provider.

The plan I have with them is the 20 GB hotspot one for $90 a month, which also serves as my family's means of Internet. As a backup for my personal use, I tether my cell phone which is on a prepaid AT&T plan. That one is $60 a month for 2.5 GB of data and I can get additional increments of 1 GB for $10 a pop. So overall, I'm paying at least $150 a month for Internet.

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@Dream: Dam ya got my condolences. Thats brutal. Would a dial up plan be bit better for back up tho? Earthlink is still around. Actualy thats what i use as a back up. Tho not got around to getting a usb modem for it.

In your case tho I would run every add blocker known to man to cut down the use.

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I have Firefox with AdblockPlus and normally run video quality settings for sites like Youtube or Dailymotion to 240p or lower to cut down on data usage and ad pop-ups. Been very efficient to help cut down on data where possible.

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Online Now

I normally just play my videogames if my internet is out unless I feel like watching anime. If so, I choose something I'm either in the middle of or re-watch a show.

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I just read or play videogames.

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the only games i play are online multiplayer types so video games are a big no for me.

If i have no other work to take care of ,i usually just read the manga that i've downloaded on my tablet, there are a lot of free apps for manga readeres on Google play like quickmanga, manga phoenix, mangahere.

if i'm too bored to read then i'll probably draw something on my graphic tab.

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@flashback180: Thought of getting a kindle as they are not that much but seems the price of manga is dirt cheep on them. Graphic tablet is a option for me now since this all took place. now if i can just not be sick for a bit to use the dang thing :/

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Basically my life when I'm not on the Internet, watching anime, or playing video games:

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