Would you recommend Madoka Magica??

Topic started by rufug on June 25, 2013. Last post by bigz007 1 year, 9 months ago.
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Hi! So i've been watching Attack on Titan and reached japan schedule wait D: so i've started watching some new stuff like Mirai Nikki (which i kinda find boring now) and Shiki (incredible), i'll start watching Darker Than Black soon and all three were recommended by friends based on stuff I enjoy like: Hellsing, Gantz, Full Metal Alchemist (original and Brotherhood), Paranoia Agent, Get Backers and various shonen type anime.


I've heard a bunch of good stuff about Madoka Magica but i'm not really a fairy-magical-girly-anime-type-aguy so I kinda want a few second opinions. Would you recommend it to me (or anyone for that matter)?

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Also if this is posted on the wrong forum let me know. I'm sorry about that (If I misplaced the post)

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@rufug: You should check it out, IMO it's one of the best anime ever. It doesn't have that many episodes but it's a great story.

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