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This blog post contains episode spoilers
I want to know who's directing season two because oh my god is it ever better than the first season. This guy has managed to make Inami punching Takanashi funny. I didn't think that was even possible.
I've got good faith now that these first eps aren't just flukes. The first season of Working kicked off to a nice start but quickly dropped in quality when Inami was introduced with her awful, awful punching gag. Overall it still wound up being a decent enough show but it was a huge mistake to put so much emphasis on Inami rather than spreading it amongst the whole cast (or putting it all on Poplar i.e. the best girl >_>.) This season whoever's at the helm seems to have realized that as this marks two episodes now where we are getting just that, a nice spread of jokes involving all of the cast with not real emphasis on any single character.
The humor this round is really solid. Lots of reaction shots (mainly from Takanashi who pulls them off superbly) and some random silliness from Satou and Souma. Yamada is in full force this episode as well, trying desperately to get the attention of various characters and being the trigger for some of those lovely reaction shots.
 Yamada: "Please spoil me!" - Takanashi: NOPE
 Yamada: "Please spoil me!" - Takanashi: NOPE

The only two who don't really get much of their dynamic going this episode are Yachiyo and Kyouko, although they are around and do get their brief moment at the forefront. One of the nice things they did when they cut Inami screen time down was they also cut Inami gag time down. I noticed in this episode at least one scene where Inami and Takanashi were working in the same room relatively close to each other without issue, and Inami was even smiling. The one punching gag that does come in the episode is timed perfectly and ends in Takanashi simply falling down and with no further overreaction. The first two episodes are showing us exactly how the relationship between these two should be presented. This is actually fun to watch. 
The OP and ED are both great. Panpanpanpan is at least as good was SOMEWAN if not better, and while the ED isn't quite as good as the first season's we're still treated to a performance from the three guys in the group with some fabulous visuals to match their fabulous voices. 

Our three handsome men of the gang dominate the wonderful ED
Our three handsome men of the gang dominate the wonderful ED

In fact my only real complaints so far have nothing to do with the episode itself, but rather with the fansubs. We were unlucky to get one of the literal subbers from Crunchy on this show, which leaves us stuck with Popura and honorifics (ugh) with the superior FFFpeeps releasing wayyyyy too slow :/
Here's to hoping the rest of the season keeps this direction going strong, we might be in for a really solid comedy.
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I tweeted your blog
I tweeted your blog

Great job on the weekly report. It's funny how things affect each other in this community. Congrats on having your report nominated in the community spotlight. Don't feel discouraged about the comments or the views. Just keep writing because you're making a difference in this community by showcasing shows that people haven't watch yet.

Normally, I don't comment on shows that I haven't watch. (Yeah, double negative)

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Good work. This is one of my favorite anime, and it's nice to see in the spotlight for a change.

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Glad you like it. The Crunchyroll subs are fine to me though.

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