Winter 2013-14 Experiences: Trying out New Anime Recommendations

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Welcome everyone! For those who are new, I do these blogs to show that Anime Vice's community does do recommendations and to get you guys and gals started, too. I take recommendations and post them in a blog. This winter season, it was pretty busy with the Winter Anime 2014 Trailers Guide and the end of 2013 projects. I had tried 4 shows.

No worries, I don't put spoilers. All I'm putting are my experiences and what audiences would these shows appeal to. Feel free to drop a recommendation here or on my list. I would be happy to accept them.

No. 6

Recommended by little sister and her friend

Did a marathon on this show during the first weekend of December with my little sister and her friend. Her friend was the one who recommend From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori). It had the same themes, a utopia that was actually a dystopia. These type of shows pushes the questions about our human nature and differences between the poor & outcast outside the walls and the elites who lived in the walls. I love those type of shows. It illustrates the barriers about the gap between different classes. Your mileage may vary if you hate scenes of a guy kissing another guy. Like Shin Sekai Yori, it has a bit of homosexuality elements with the bromance. The characters and story are pretty linear, but you'll probably like them.

I recommend this show if you are open minded and like shows that explores human nature and its conflicts. There is a bit of gore, but it's not too brutal compared to the From The New World.


Recommended by Supreme Marvel, Acura Max, and Marshal Victory


A year ago, Supreme Marvel and Acura Max recommended this show for me to jump into the Sci-Fi genre. That was after Robotics;Notes. I forgot about the series until we had the Vote for Your Favorite Anime in 2013! project in December 2013. I remembered this show and it was hyped a lot. It was written by Gen Urobuchi, and I did enjoy his works in Fate Zero, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. With Marshal's help, I gave this series a try.

After completing a marathon on HULU, it was on my list of top 2013 anime series. Psycho Pass has a memorable cast, story, and music. Their characters and their struggle to cope with society's use of machines to assess people's place in society. The Sibyl System monitors' folks's Psycho Pass. For folks whose Psycho Pass is cloudy, they wind up in a correctional facility.

I recommend this series to folks who love series that examines human nature and society issues. It makes you question our criminal justice system and their system. Marshal Victory commented that the series is one of the best gateway drug for adults who haven't seen anime yet.

School Days

Recommended by Rachel

I did a marathon on this show back in Veteran's Day weekend with Rachel (alias), my middle school friend who goes to Church. She was the one who recommended the show. At first, the series looked normal until it reached the end with the infamous scene. It was pretty shocking, and the main character deserve it because of how much he change and grew into a jerk in the series. Rachel commented that the series was like a parody SIM games. Showing you the consequences of dating other women and not being honest with others. I later found out School Days was based on a visual novel game. The series did a good job on the Yandere concept.

I recommend this show to folks who have a bit of thick skin. If you're new to anime, don't try this show. Look for a true romantic show.


Indirectly Recommended by Yusuke52, Taichokage, and his folks in the Battle Threads

Back when I was a new mod, I saw a lot of Toriko threads in the battle forums because of Taichokage's Battle Themes. I was curious about the show. When Yusuke52, my teammate, ask me for help on the Toriko project, I decided to give this series a try. I was mostly a Shonen fan when I first started out Anime Vice. The thing with Toriko is that it's an unusual Shonen battle anime series about food. It's like One Piece with the exploration themes and living life to the fullest. Toriko is a kind of man who respect all living beings and only kill animals for sustenance. I enjoy Toriko a lot. I'm only in the Century Soup arc. I haven't watched up to a 100 episodes.

I did an intense analysis for Fairy Tail fans whether they should try One Piece and Toriko: Shonen Experiences: Moving From Fairy Tail to One Piece and Toriko. I'll take some of the points I made for you guys and gals, whether you should try Toriko. I'll highlight some of the stuff that Toriko did well.

  • Short Battles - Thanks to Othus12 for clearing this up. If you hate long battles, Toriko's battles are shorter than Naruto and One Piece's battles.
  • Bromance - With Toriko and Komatsu, there is no shortage of these scenes.
  • Incorporating Dudes in Distress and no fan service - If you're the feminist type, you know a lot of Shonen series has a bit of sexist thing in it. Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and One Piece has a lot of damsels. Toriko is probably the first Shonen show I saw that went gender reversal. There is no fan service in Toriko. For those who like a bit of T & A, you won't like Toriko. I haven't seen a beach scene, one of those common themes that features fan service in your usual anime.

Your mileage will vary with the anime if you hate censorship. The anime tones down violence (IE: animals eating other animals) and takes out the blood.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you try these shows if they are up to your liking.

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