Why are the creation gods and Arceus overrated in battles?

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I mean what the hell? HA HA! I've seen threads like Arceus vs Marvel/DC verse, Arceus vs DBZ verse etc...

Arceus "the creator of the pokemon universe" "THE ALMIGHTY ONE" got hurt by meteors, gets beguiled and disrupted by humans and can't even destroy an island at full throttle. Giratina got owned by a human and can't even talk, He can't even catch Ash Ketchum and his groupies in his dimension, Ash is like 10! Dialga got owned by Giratina and Palkia is not much better either, The same shit.

So here i'm standing, Thinking... Why the hell do some so called experts pop up and make these pokemons omnipotent. Piccolo Daimao(King Piccolo) would wipe the floor with Arceus, Let alone anyone higher than that. None of them is omnipotent, Not in the anime, Not in the game, Arceus has a base total of 22 out 25 and can be fucking caught with a master ball.

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