Which version of FullMetal Alchemist should I watch?

Topic started by ImmortalSaiyan on Feb. 23, 2012. Last post by nishi99 3 days, 15 hours ago.
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Brotherhood. The first series was poorly written with little care given to continuality and characters

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i believe it all depends on your personality. for me, its FMA 1 all the way. i find it much more creative than FMA 2 since it just copies the manga (and the original FMA is so holy to me i'll only read it book-wise). it has the characters develop entirely differently than the manga (although i haven't read all the book yet, i have seen enough) and it just blows me away that the writers could keep doing their awesome job for 5 whole seasons and not lose their gift. writing an entirely different storyline and still getting a huge success from it for 5 whole seasons compared to just a copy of the manga a few years later is much more impressive to me.
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If you like happy endings go for brother hood , if you like bitter endings go for FMA.

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Brotherhood easily.

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