Which is the better anime, based on animation, music, characters, premise and story?

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  • Fate/Zero
  • Death Note
  • Hellsing Ultimate
  • FMAB
  • Steins Gate
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I haven't see HU so take that out of the equation for everything else. My opinions would be:

Fate/Zero and FMAB have the best animation combined with the least amount of cheap tactics. I don't think it's even a subjective argument with the other stuff on the list. Death Note has the best music by a long shot. I think SG has the best characters although it's neck and neck with DN and FZ. FMAB and SG have the best premise imo. For story... I assuming that with that being separate from premise and characters we're talking about plot points and execution, I would go for SG in a tie with FZ. DN and FMAB had some great stuff but they go off the rails and get pretty meh at points while for me SG and FZ for the most part started good and then got better and better and better.

My vote... there are episodes of FMAB and DN that I'd rather watch more than any episode of the others but when taking it as a whole, I'd go for either FZ or SG. FZ gets my vote. I'm a sucker for a time travel story and I love where SG eventually goes but I remember watching about half of the first half of the series wondering when they'd ever get around to something that felt like we were finally on the path to the dead Kurisu we saw in episode one. Once it picks up I think it tops FZ at it's best but FZ didn't have any episodes where I felt like the series would be better if they got rid of like 4-6 episodes.

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Animation: Fate/Zero

Music: Between F/Z and Death Note, I'd probably go with F/Z by a decent margin because of dat Kajiura.

Characters: Well in terms of development, complexity, and interactions, I'd wager Death Note a little bit above F/Z with FMA:B coming in as 3rd. But I do like FMA: B characters the most as they're very engaging and entertaining in all ways.

Premise: Death Note

Story: Death Note or FMA:B.

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Guess I'll rank these from worst to best (just my personal opinion, mind you):

5. FMA: Brotherhood- Follows a more conventional shounen story compared to the original 2003 series and I was initially hesitant to watch through the whole show for a while as a result of this. Hype be damned, sticking strongly with the manga doesn't always make for an engaging title.

4. Steins;Gate- Has nice animation and suspenseful moments with Okabe and his partners tampering with time travel and dealing with SERN, but the slow first half does make things a bit of a chore to push through until the more engaging second half comes along.

3. Hellsing Ultimate- An addicting ride of stylish grittiness and over-the-top insanity with the three-way conflict between Hellsing Organization, Millennium and Iscariot, as well as having its moments of excellently animated sequences on par with a movie production. Ranked in the middle because it doesn't have as much depth to it compared to the higher two titles on the list.

2. Death Note- Plenty of fluid and detailed animation in this series and one of the most engaging conflicts I've seen in an anime with the cat-and-mouse game between Light and L over trying to deduce what facts they need to arrest or kill the other. If the events with Near never happened, this would have been #1 among my choices with the poll.

1. Fate/ Zero- An engaging epic ride with highly-detailed artwork, engaging battle sequences, a haunting and energetic soundtrack and plenty of depth into the various Master-Servant relationships and the pasts of several characters who either gain prominent roles later in Stay Night or help escalate the events that would come in that later installment of the Fate franchise.

But in terms of the mentioned categories...

Animation: Fate/ Zero rather easily

Music: A tie between Fate/ Zero and Hellsing Ultimate. The musical choices for Fate/Zero are intense, grand and energetic to go along nicely with its plot twists and battles. But getting to listen to orchestral scores and monk chantings while London is set ablaze from the three way war of factions in the series is really glorious. XD

Characters: Fate/ Zero. Unlike Stay Night, there is greater focus on the chemistry between Servants and Masters that give you different relationship dynamics between the pairings and a number of the major characters in the series get their backgrounds and personalities fleshed out.

Premise: Tied between Death Note and Fate/Zero.

Story: Fate/Zero. The events of the 4th Holy Grail War offered enough twists and shocking developments that kept me hooked on the show all the way to its conclusion. Death Note's premise had more complexity to it that would have outranked Fate/Zero for me if only it chose to end after things with Light and L's rivalry got resolved.

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@sickVisionz: Fair enough, cheers for your view. I agree with pretty much most of it, except I must have been one of the only people who loved SG from start to finish. I actually would have happily watched 24 episodes of the kind of stuff at the beginning, I just really liked the humour and character interactions I guess.

@phantomrant: I definitely agree with a lot of that, cheers for the opinion. And yeah, FZ might just have the best soundtrack I've ever heard in an anime. Although, I'd have to say that SG's story was, for me, fantastic. I think it had the best ending of the bunch, and it just generally kept me hooked and interested throughout. Even in the earlier episodes, I was constantly interested in where it was heading (I felt there was loads of build-up).

@Dream: Those are all fair points, thanks for sharing all that. One of the only things I'd differ with you on is the story department. I felt that SG kept me guessing far more than FZ did, it became quickly clear that the winner of the grail war was going to be one of the three kings. As engaging and brilliant as it was, it never felt (to me) as intricately woven as something like SG.

For me personally:

Animation- definitely Fate/Zero. That and SAO are the best looking anime I've ever seen.

Music- Fate/Zero, followed closely by FMAB. There are so many good tracks in both.

Characters- I really can't decide on this, but I think it would be between Death Note and FMAB.

Premise- Death Note and Fate/Zero, as you said, Dream, though I think I'd give DN the edge (the whole idea of it is just so interesting).

Story- Stein's Gate, followed closely by FMAB. Was interesting, kept me guessing and had the most satisfying ending I've ever seen in an anime. DN would come close if it weren't for the later episodes, which felt almost sloppy compared to the first 20 or so.

I don't think I'll ever be able to decide on which of these is the best; together they're probably the best 5 anime I've ever seen. Was just interested to hear everyone else's views.

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