When LOL Just Isn't Enough: Golden Boy Ep 1

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A man on a misson.
A man on a misson.

This is a section I like to call "When LOL Just Isn't Enough". Here, I'll be informing you Anime Vicers about anime that is so gutbustingly funny that when you talk about it LOL (laughing out loud) just doesn't cut it for a description. I'll be doing whole series or even random episodes. First off I have Golden Boy. I randomly came across this anime when looking for something new to watch when I really got into anime a few years ago and man did I feel like I hit the jackpot. Golden Boy isn't very popular and the anime is about 15 years old but it's story and antics are timeless. I'll say in advance that Golden Boy is an adult anime.
The opening scene finds you listening to guy riding his bike singing along with the radio while girls talk about how nerdy and dorky that is. You immediately find out it's none other than the protagonist Kintaro Oe, a 25-year-old freeter (someone who basically just does part-time jobs). Out of nowhere a speeding Ferrari comes from behind to make him lose control and crash into a big pile of trash. With a start like that I knew I was going to laugh my ass off. 
Man I wish I could get run off the road by a car and get $10,000! But low and behold Kintaro whips out his trusty notebook to record the start of another chapter in his life. He's such a carefree and happy guy. I love his tagline, "this is so educational." It never fails the guy would be surrounded by beautiful women and be stuck doing menial chores while having perverted thoughts and the great overreacting rants and facial expressions. But despite his usually untimely flaw he works hard, is ready to learn, and will help in any way (indeed any). Being back in the mid-90s this episode dealt with how not everyone had a computer and not everyone could work with programming. Back then working with computers was fun and educational (much like it is today!).

This can't end well.
This can't end well.

Kintaro screws up bad. Like, so bad it cost the company millions, surely. But wait! He drops off a disc with the program the computer programmers were working on for months that he deleted and made an even better one in a week! Let alone he gave the $10,000 to a couple in trouble. What's up with this guy? How can he be so smart and so stupid at the same time? Maybe that's what you get when Kintaro studied law at Tokyo University but gave up graduating to travel on his trusty bike doing odd jobs. 
Remember kids: study, study, study, study, study!!!! 
You can find this episode, "Computer Lesson", here at Pimp Anime. This was the best quality I found but you can find Golden Boy on other sites as well.

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Yeah,what i've seen seems real funny,it'll be a long long while before i see it though(just a fancy way of saying i'm broke)
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Iv watch this few time it always made me laugh also it reminds me of GTO in away.
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