what's your favorite anime stereotype?

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Well, every single person here must have a fovorite type of boy/girl in the anime, I am pretty sure about that. Also if you want, you can give examples and images. You choose!

Hmm, here is mine:

I like when the girls are silent or shy, or either both!

  • Nagato Yuki (Haruhi suzumiya no yuutsu).
  • Takara Miyuki (Lucky Star).
  • Mayu Morita (Morita-san wa Mukuchi).

I love boys with history, and dramatic, and almost evil, and sometimes with glasses.

  • Natsuki Shinomiya (Uta no Prince-sama).
  • Tokiya Ichinose (Uta no Prince-sama).
  • Peter white (heart no kuni no alice).
  • Blood Dupre (heart no kuni no alice).

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Trolling bastards, trolling bitches; when the character loves to make others suffer in a psycological way

Aizen (Bleach)

Makoto Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin)

Beatrice, Erika Furudo, Frederica Bernkastel (Umineko no naku koro ni, fucking evil bitches)

Ryuk (Death note, not sure about this)

Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night)

Roa (Tsukihime)

I don't remember more for now

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@Levance: So you like psychological and gore anime? Neat! In those i like L Lawliet from death note and also Lelouch Lamperouch (wow, those two are with L o.0)

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So fuckin letter L, a curious coincidence must I say

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Tsundere. Especially if Rie Kugimiya is involved.

  • Taiga from Toradora
  • Shana from Shakugan no Shana
  • Nagi from Hayate no Gotoku
  • Rebecca from Paniponi Dash
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Good question. I've been thinking about this subject a lot recently. To begin with, I think that stereotypes and clichés get a bad wrap. Standard archetypes can be entertaining if the character design, the dialogue and the development of the character within the story are tantalizing. There needs to be some sort of hook that draws my attention and then makes me want to know more about that person. When I look forward to a character's appearance in the show, I know something's being done right. Having said this, there are a few familiar character-types that I am immediately attracted to.

For females, Ojou-sama type has special appeal to me. These are the daughters of the very rich or of old and honored families. They usually have some sort of attendant at hand and are highly refined young ladies. Quite often they're arrogant about it, too which makes their humbling (in a good way) all the more enjoyable. Sometimes they're stern and always demanding, but they also tend to be very lonely girls who've led sheltered lives due to their family importance.

Examples of "Ojou-sama" types:

Eri Sawachika of School Rumble

Well, she's among my most favorite characters. She is rich but still approachable. Her understanding of the position she was born into creates a good conflict as she wrestles with her attraction to renowned delinquent, Kenji Harima as the series progresses.

Umi Ryuzaki of Magic Knight Rayearth

I rewatched this show again recently and was reminded of how much I liked this girl's character. She was more fun for me than main protagonist, Hikaru Shidou. She went from someone who expected to be catered to, to a selfless and courageous young woman empathetic to those around her.

Kuriko Kazetsubaki of Maburaho

Her presence is more forceful than similar ojou-type cast member Rin Kamishirou. The quiet girls like Rin, Konoe Konoka of Negima! or Isumi Saginomiya from Hayate the Combat Butler add a nice variant to the archetype, but I prefer the more "in your face" girls like Kuriko. She's very competitive, a bit manipulative but still caring and protective of her friends.

Selnia Iori Flameheart of Ladies vs. Butlers

She is the most "classic" of the examples so far. This show takes place at an academy for young debutantes and their help, but she considers herself socially above all the other girls attending. The thought of losing to any other girl or being humbled by butler-in-training Akiharu Hino maddening. How she could find herself attracted to him is even more mind-boggling to her and adds some vulnerability to her personality that endears her to me.

For my favorite male type of character, I think I am all over the map as my list of favorites proves, however I tend to hold the "the men who are MEN" archetypes in high regard when done correctly. Like the ojou-samas, I prefer the more outrageous version of this model but the quite ones are good, too. What's most important about them is their honor code and how they interact with others through it.

Examples of "Men who are MEN" types:

Kazuma Kuwabara of Yu Yu Hakusho

Kuwabara sees the world in a specific way and has chosen to lead his life according to his code of honor. He is far from perfect, but he will not back down from a challenge and will never desert a friend. He is eager to prove himself and is a rival to similar character, Yusuke although Yusuke is more flexible in most situations. What's interesting about Kuwabara is what breaks his outward presentation of manliness; his attraction to ice maiden, Yukina and his submissiveness to older sister, Shizuru.

Roronoa Zoro of One Piece

He, too has a code of conduct although it's less strict in certain areas than Kuwabara's but it's no less important to him. Because of promise made to a deceased childhood friend, he has set a course for his life and will not be deterred from it. It defines him so much that I have to wonder what life will be life for him once he obtains his goal. Still, he is loyal to his companions and steadfast in protecting them along the journey.

Kogarashi of Kamen no Maid Guy

This character is all about manliness to the point of excess. He is a perfect physical specimen who adheres to the rules his job demands...well, at least to how he perceives those requirements. The comedy comes from just how far over-the-top he goes to achieve his desire to protect and instruct Naeka Fujiwara, the young girl his is in bound to serve.

Alex Louis Armstrong of Fullmetal Alchemist

Like Kogarashi he is physically imposing as well as being a man of honor. He is true to his word and cares for those who he has been entrusted to lead or protect. Also similar to the ojou-sama, he comes from a higher social position than others and thus has sees the world through the eyes of an aristocrat. His older sister, Olivier Milla Armstrong could be seen as a sort of ojou, but she isn't one who seeks to be pampered. She probably fits closer into this category than the feminine one above. Either way, he is an honorable man with a strong sense of fairness.

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hehe you like a lot of blondys and LOLz Amstrong is awsome like awsome!!! and also he sparkles (doesnt need to be gay as Edward ¬¬) :D

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expect the unexpected //-^

sensitive tough guys

Alex Louis Armstrong of Fullmetal Alchemist

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How about the merciless person that will do anything to reach his/her goal, doesn't matter the life that he/she will ruin.

Kira (Death note)

Lelouch (Code Geass)

Kotomine Kirei (Fate Stay Night)

The culprit (Umineko no naku koro ni)

Takano Miyo (Higurashi no naku koro ni)

Kurata (Digimon Savers)

and a lot of more guys.....

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@Levance said:

How about the merciless person that will do anything to reach his/her goal, doesn't matter the life that he/she will ruin...

Those types of characters generally repel me. I see their value as tragic heroes or anti-heroes but inflicting pain on others for the sake of one's own goals no matter how righteous they appear seems selfish to me. I've never been much of an "ends justifies the means" guy personally, so characters who are willing to sacrifice others in order to achieve a better world feel tainted. Perhaps that's their appeal for some, but I wonder if for a significant number it's just that they signify complete independence and rebellion. Guy "A" is a bad-ass because he can do whatever he wants, but he's still a good guy since it's for the future benefit of the whole. That thinking reminds me of the expression, "we had to destroy the village in order to save it." The adage "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" probably applies as well. It's intriguing to see how much of their beliefs a would-be hero is willing to discard in order to achieve victory. I find that these types of characters work best as a counter to a more idealist hero. The obvious example would be Naruto and Sasuke from that franchise.

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@PenguinDust:No, not for the benefit of others, it's for their own fucking benefit

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Straight characters who explode with rage at stupidity and give AWESOME REACTIONS:

Also, hyperactive characters, for example:

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@Levance: Yeah, I get your point but I think sometimes these characters like to profess it's for others when really it's just satisfying their own personal revenge schemes or something along those lines.

@MohsinMan99: Well, those guys are "straight men" but their excessive reactions to buffoonery make them comedians as well. Giroro of Keroro Gunsou (Sgt. Frog) is another for that list.

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@PenguinDust: Well, know any other 'straight' guys who do overblown reactions like those two? I started Welcome to the NHK just for that guy. :)

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Definitely the quiet, serious girl. Rei Ayanami and Nagato Yuki are two of my favorites, I find that the moments when they smile or even laugh are so much more special because of that and i just feel like smiling with them. Besides, I've always been one to like quiet girls.

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I love characters that have shifting loyalties, characters that are mysterious, characters that are like puzzles and riddles.... Take Gemini Saga from SS for example, at first he appears to be the most heroic and angel-like Saint of the sanctuary but suddenly he's an actual troller who screws up everything for everyone and as well is responsible for so many good characters deaths. He just fucks everything up!  
I also love characters with psychological impulses, characters who were distorted by crime or whatever and end up becoming evil... Characters that have no choice but to do what they have to do in order to save another or to save themselves. Characters that are forced into crime by their surroundings and environment .  
And then comes a character that disguises him/herself as a villain but in the inside they are truly good.  
But down to the characters I love the most, cold, calm, and composed characters.. Characters with an icy demeanor and no feelings. Barely shows any feelings or emotions. 
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I like when a good character that is even the main character, turn the evil one, and main antagonist, because of some reason (it must be a good reason though). The better oart is the total change of personality


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@TheRedRose: Some of the Code geass characters may enter in those descriptions

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I like intelligent, calm and collected types that have taken on some kind of oaf to themselves or in their own minds to achieve something and set about to carry it out at any cost even if they have to die in the process.

Reinhard Von Lohengramm

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Or the mysterious yet frighteningly powerful guy who seems aloof without concerns and just goes on about enjoying life.

Age ~Heroic Age~

Subaru Mouryou ~Shingu: Secret of the Stellar War~

Kenshi Masaki ~Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari~

Kazuma the Shell Bullet ~S-Cry-Ed~

ID, Chunwha ~Id - The Greatest Fusion Fantasy~

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Emo guy

Spiky Hair

Giant tits

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